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A fish Story by William Clint Kelley

A fish Story by William Clint Kelley

A Fish Story by William Clint Kelley, Sumiton Iron & Metal, a user.

Mr. James Bramlett, Came to Sumiton Iron & Metal, as a new customer February 27, 2012. I never would have thought after bringing in three loads of scrap that day that the next time I saw him would be when he pulls onto the lot on February 28, 2012, asking our scale master to certify the weight of a fish! Don Kelley and John Buckelew where handling the situation for Mr. Bramlett. With me having no clue what was going on, I was called out to have a look. Shock is the only word I know to use; it was the largest fish I had ever seen!

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On February 28th PopScrap Software was used to record a world record BASS in Arkansas. Sumiton Iron and Metal, located in Suminton, Alabama.

The fish was a Striped Bass weighing 70lbs and was recorded with time, date and weight using Software.

Follow this link to the newspaper story, you will see PopScrap tickets with images where time, date and weight were recorded.

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