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10 Steps To Getting Started with PopScrap

10 Steps To Getting Started with PopScrap

Getting started with PopScrap is simple and free.

10 steps getting started with popscrap1. Sign up for a free demo

2. Create your UNLIMITED material groups, materials and prices. (or email us and we will upload)

3. PopScrap will create your company profile with materials and prices.

4. You or a PopScrap technician will install PopScrap Software on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Windows PC

5. Complete a free remote training session 

6. Start printing tickets, tracking inventory, create shipping reports

All of this can happen in 1 hour or less.

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PopScrap International

PopScrap International

popscrap Inc. is growing globally at an expotential rate. No matter where your scrap users are located PopScrap is the only internationally based software provider that offers instant downloads, instantly connecting locations in the cloud with real-tim scrap data while collecting a plethera of local images to meet the compliance demands of local regulators.  

For the first time in the scrap industry a true "ground-breaking-game-changing" product has arrived and has been matured by the use and feedback of over 500+ daily worldwide users.  

Amazingly PopScrap has been able to keep the upfront cost at 50% less than its competitors who cannot and do not offer the technology advancements of PopScrap.  

PopScrap is responding to that demand by creating and designing our apps to meet their very specific language and currency needs.

PopScrap has launched:

  • PopScrap-MX
  • PopScrap-AU.NZ
  • PopScrap-USA
  • PopScrap-Serbia

New versions are on the way, including PopScrap-EU (European Union), PopScrap EA (EuroAsia) and PopScrap-UK.


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Get it your PopScrap

Get it your PopScrap

Yes, you can have it your way.

Will Build-to-Suit

Many have been wrongly informed about PopScrap software. 

Although most of our customers see the advantages of CLOUD BASED software not all PopScrap use our cloud servers.

PopScrap does offer an offline version where a local server or a remote cloud server is used to store ticketing information.

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