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The GREATEST feeder yard software ever invented!!

greatest scrap yard software ever inventedIf you're a large scrap metal processor like StemCor (STEMCOR - Steel Marketing Corporation -- a British steel trading company based in London, UK, and has 145 business units in 45 countries around the world, employing more than 2000 people) or Bottle Beverage Recycler like rePlanet in California, then you know what its like trying to support all of your feeder yards;  keeping track of all the transactions, finances, compliance etc. Inc., has developed the easiest-to-use and most affordable feeder yard software the world has ever experienced.

Our larger clients that are using PopScrap have started rolling out PopScrap to all of their smaller feeder yards due to the ease of install, ease of use and low start up cost. PopScrap can operate across international borders, use any currency in any time zone and offers the program in several languages with Spanish as the 2nd language.


The ability to see 100% of the feeder yards transactions, inventory, compliance images, with full material reports, shipping reports, and the ability to ship and transfer inventory between locations is paramount for all large processors. Inc., handles the ongoing IT maintenance for the hardware and software elivating any increase of cost to existing IT companies.

Its amazing what PopScrap has produced for the largest and the smallest operations, each yard can operate 100% separately and yet the processor can see it all in real time.  The feeder yards get 100% compliance gurantees helping them get into software package they could not afford on thier own.

With locations in Austrailia, New Zealand, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada and the USA, PopScrap is proving to be the world's GREATEST feeder yard software.

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