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This blog will focus on scrap metal compliance and related issues to the scrap metal industry.

Starting a Scrap Recycling Business?

Starting a Scrap Recycling Business?

Are you starting a scrap recycling business?

As a software and hardware provider to the scrap and recycling industry we have assisted many yards with their initial set up and start up planning.

As scrap metal compliance consultants comes along side the new business and assists with traffic flow studies, scale placement and overall hardware placement plans to help increase customer satisfaction, and maintain compliance with current scrap laws.


PopScrap has worked with hundreds of scrap yards all over the world

Keeping the customers happy is paramount to the success of any business, yet in our hundreds of installs all over the world we have noticed that many yards did not take traffic flow and material handling into account when placing their workstations and hardware in their buildings.

Our clients leverage PopScrap's extensive knowledge of the start-up process in order to streamline processes from the start. We want you to be very successful and this means your customers need to get in, get paid and get out in a fast and stress free environment.

Strategic planning and experience go a long way to making sure your customers get paid and processed in the fastest and safest way possible while gathering full compliance information from each customer.

Streamline your scrap yard process flow and compliance early on for greater success

PopScrap focuses on the ability to process a ticket from scale to final sale in under 1 minute, of course we understand weighing the material takes longer than this, but when it comes to software there is nothing more frustrating to waiting for the software to respond or react to commands of the buyer.

Gathering compliance is a critical part of buying metals these days and missing compliance data can be very expensive and even result in jail time for owners and buyers. 

PopScrap software makes compliance mandatory when creating tickets to insure that the required data is collected and owners can worry about profits instead of compliance.

PopScrap also password protects your prices and the weights so that your employees cannot change the weights or prices without a manager password. This protects from internal theft.

Although PopScrap is not an international consulting firm, we are first and foremost a software and hardware provider, but we will do our best to guide your new company in the right direction.

As an added bonus because we have hundreds of users all over the world if you are looking for logistic support, a buyer for your metals, and or other help PopScrap is sure to be your #1 source.

Start a scrap recycling business today, its good for the environment and can be good for your bank account too.

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