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"So Advanced...It's Simple" its more than a motto

"So Advanced...It's Simple" its more than a motto

So Advanced It's Simple

by Stacy Duty

For the last 4 years has signed off its videos and marketed the motto " So Advanced Its Simple"

There is so much that goes into the advanced part of our products and services that from the outside it simply looks simple.

Large button screens, simple to navigate menus and easy to install on phones, tablets and windows computers.

The simple part is...

1. Easy to purchase, low down, low monthly subscription fee

2. All data is stored on our series of GoDaddy servers. NO IT COMPANY NEEDED

3. Easy to install, the Weigh & Pay app is 9MB and downloads in seconds on your mobile devices and Windows PC's.

4. Training takes less than 5-10 minutes and usually no training is needed for scale operators.

5. Hardware connections to the software require an IP address, so easy that any user can understand.


The Advanced part is...

1. Data Storage is instantly online and visibile using BOSS Online.

2. Long term data storage and data back ups are automated.

3. No IT personnel is required, the hardware-software integration goes together as simple as mash potatoes and gravy.

4. No settings pages to learn, during the set up process a Compliance Specialist does all the work.

5. Remote installs and training both save time and money.

At the end of the day the #1 reason scrap yards and recycling centers are using PopScrap is because its easy to own, to use and lets the owners go home at the end of the day while our servers work 24/7 completing your state compliance reports giving each user online access to all of their data in real time.

There is no better way to wrap this software product up then to say, PopScrap is..."So Advanced...It's Simple.

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