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Scrap Metal Management Software

Scrap Metal Management Software

As more and more scrap yards and recycling centers sign on as monthly subscribers to PopScrap services its becoming clearer and clearer why.


Here is why...

First, its easy to get installed in under 15 minutes or less and be running fully state compliant tickets in less than 30 minutes.

Second, its a really affordable scrap metal management software system to get started, the average customer purchases 2 Smart Station Workstation Licenses.


Third, its very reliable and handles all the of the compliance issues insuring owners that compliance is met and reports are automatically created and uploaded.

Many if not most of PopScrap competitors rely on old server based installs and maintenance. This out of date style of running your scrap yard brings in many risks that are simply not needed with todays technology.

A server requires MicroSoft licensing and regular updates and requires daily backups and can easily be stolen or breakdown due to the dusty environment of the scrap yard.

PopScrap has chosen to hosts it popular software and services at GoDaddy server banks, this allows your company to leverage the multi-million dollar hardware center that comes equipped with the most advanced hardware and 24/7 service techs to insure constant and consistent server environment.

We find the most scrap yards want to stay in the scrap business and do not want to get into the IT computer business and or have to hire IT Tech companies.

PopScrap has responded to this overwhelmingly, by providing the first of its kind in the industry,  a cloud based server where the user can use a local program to collect data in real time and manage their business from anywhere in the word via an internet connection.

PopScrap's front end program is an Android App that runs on Smartphones, Tablets and Windows 7 and 8 PC's when a ticket is completed it is recorded live in real time on an web page that is secure and offers complete inventory and shipping controls.

Welcome to the future of scrap metal management software.

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