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This blog will focus on scrap metal compliance and related issues to the scrap metal industry.

Scrap Metal Compliance & Data Security

Getting a handle on your scrap metal compliance can be a daunting, expensive and a time consuming task.

PopScrap set out 4 years ago to specifically address these 3 significant issues and to date we have 100's of users in Australia, New Zealand, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada and throughout the United States to prove our product performance and low start up cost and quick return on investment.

1. Daunting

Finding the right compliance software vendor can be difficult since your laws are constantly changing and not easy to understand. PopScrap has dedicated consultants that have mastered your state laws and are already working with your state to meet and or exceed your scrap metal state law requirements.

Make sure your compliance consultant has many years experience in meeting state and federal laws and that they can communicate this in a language you can understand. 

The real daunting part is getting a online demo, having one shot at seeing the entire software product and then being forced to make a $30,000 decision while under extreme sales pressure. This very frustrating and often leads to regrets and disappointment.

To address this PopScrap has no sales people, the owner and co-founder will speak directly with you in plain English, offer you a free trial version so you can test the software and know what you are buying before you buy it.  This is paramount to ensure that you are getting a software product that your whole staff can use.  You can also test out the connections to your scales and accounting software during the free trial for a complete sales cycle.

2. Expensive

The prices for scrap metal compliance software that is comparable with PopScrap will range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000.  Finding a solution that is easy to use and competitively priced while offering more bang for your buck is the "art-of-the-deal".

You can create scale transactions with our new browser based software starting at $100/mo with no licensing fees and or get a fully state compliant solution using a Android tablet or phone for $5000 + $200/mo. Leveraging our cloud storage allows PopScrap to remain affordable for many years to come.

You ask, how do we accomplish this?

Its in our "CLOUD CULTURE", we developed the first of its kind in the world when it comes to cloud based scrap metal compliance software on mobile devices. PopScrap invested thousands of hours in conjunction with hundreds of scrap companies world wide when developing the Weigh & Pay app, which is still the only fully compliant mobile scrap solution in the global scrap metal industry 4 years running.

CLOUD CULTURE, what is the cloud?

PopScrap has been using GoDaddy Hosting Services, the worlds largest hosting and domain company to host your scrap data and compliance images since 2011. This has brought the fastest and most reliable data connection right to your Windows PC, Smartphone and or tablet when using our software products.

When you start or complete a ticket it connects with our servers through the internet. While creating tickets you are not using the internet, this means very low usage of your data plan.  All of your ticket data and customer/material images are stored in the cloud, this provides the ultimate protection from local thieves and from online thieves attempting to steal your customer data and business records. Keep in mind, you will have 24/7 access to your business from any web browser, this instantly connects your locations and gives you full control of your business while out of the office

Most people assume that a local server would provide the most secure environment for your business records, but this is far form the truth, the largest companies in the world from Chase Bank, Bank of America, Microsoft and Apple all provide CLOUD storage and have proven this method of storage to be far more reliable and secure then locally stored information.

For instance, we had a potential customer call in and ask about cloud storage because thieves broke in and stole their server, shutting down their business and causing them a week long delay waiting for new server hardware and a new install and praying the entire time that their back up stick would restore all their stored customer ID's and ticket info which is required by state law for 2 to 5 years.

When using our CLOUD CULTURE, you can rest at night knowing that our professional staff has backed up your information several times and on several servers and manages the SQL database and uses offsite storage and web servers to ensure your data is protected. You will have full access 24/7 to your data via our online back office software, BOSS Online.

ScrapSheild = Compliance & Data Security.

PopScrap stands alone at the top when offering the most advanced, secure and redundant security for your business information and we do it for the lowest possible cost for 365 days a year and offer 10 year data storage and then provide you with archived data for your own long term record keeping.

3. Time Consuming

PopScrap can have your workstations installed and operational in 15 minutes or less (depending on your internet speeds) and even faster on smartphones and tablets using the Google Play Market to download the Weigh & Pay app.

The end result is... PopScrap is offering the most secure, fastest and the least expensive scrap metal compliance software solutions on the market.

Product update: PopScrap will be releasing 3 new products in early 2015.

1. Browser based "Simple Tickets" scale transaction tickets with no compliance.  Great solution for any yard or recycling center that needs a database of tickets without images.

2. Browser based "Commercial Tickets", on the road or in the back office, users can open any browser and start creating tickets, save to Accounts Payable, then use the AP feature to combine multiple tickets into one payment, then ReGrade the inventory, create shipping reports, attach as many shipping reports to Accounts Receivable Invoices for payment against your shipping reports and record the payment against the AR invoice on any browser from anywhere in the world. Full inventory control with Profit & Loss Reports for each commodity sales cycle.

3. ScrapShield Pro (SSPro) will be our new flagship product, this new windows installer has also been optimized for the Windows Surface tablet line with the fastest ticket entry with the largest buttons in the business with full state compliance as its primary focus. More info on the way...

PopScrap is..."So Advanced...It's Simple" 

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