popscrap simple pricingSimple Pricing by PopScrap.com

PopScrap has released its new 2013 pricing for its fully state compliance scrap app.

For $2990 and $98/mo users can now instantly download the only app of its kind in the recycling industry.

If you are under compliance regulations or just need a scrap recycling program then PopScrap is the clear leader in the industry when it comes to compliance smartphone or tablet apps.


Game changing technology allows the PopScrap app to work on Windows 7 and 8 PC's with real time reporting to a back office website. Even if you don't own an Android device you can still use the powerful and complete scrap recycling program.

Includes 22" Touch Screen, Cash Drawer, 3" Printer, ID Swipe, ID Camera.


For those unable to pay the $2990 up front set up fee, ask about PopScrap 0% interest free financing. Everyone qualifies. with 20% down $598 users can pay $99.66 per month for 24 months for financing. Don't forget to add in your monthly hosting fees of $98/mo for a grand total of $197.66 for the first 2 years and then it drops back to $98 per month per device.

Need PopScrap's #1 rated web management system to pair with your ticket collection device?

Add $98 per month for BOSS LITE or $4990 one time fee.


Let's face it, PopScrap has solutions for every size yard and for every budget in the industry.


Have a large recycling operation, need a more robust permanent solution? 

For $19,990 and $198/mo scrap yards can get a 10 workstation solution, 100% of the hardware needed for full compliance and 3 days onsite training and install. Personal attention to your unique operations.

Have multiple locations?

PopScrap is the only provider in the industry that instantly connects your locations for no additional fees. That's right, now you see all the activity between your yards in one website and run company wide material reports with average prices paid for materials or break them down per location.

Check out our Simple Pricing page for more details.