Scale Software is a standard requirement in today's compliance driven scrap metal industry.

With metal theft at an all time high across the globe companies that purchase scrap metals are required by anti-theft laws to capture a lot of information and in most cases upload that information to the authorities at the end of each work day.

Information collected at the scale station can include images of the vehicle the transported the scrap metals, image of the license plate, image of the material itself, image of the ID of the person who is collecting the money, fingerprint scans and electronic signatures.

Connecting scale software to all of the hardware is quite a feat considering all of that information needs to be collected in a timely manner. Software companies like Inc,. provide such a software product that does all of this and much much more.

Connecting the scale reader to the computer is in itself a technological challenge considering scale technology has not improved in over 20 years. Still using RS232 9 pin DB9 ports to communicate to the PC when the PC itself has not had such connectivity options in the last 5 years. PC's these days come with USB and ethernet ports and com ports are a thing of the past. Someone please tell the scale reader companies that.

PopScrap will connect to your scale through this RS232 connector and then convert it to USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth or install a com port card on the PC to accomplish automated scale reading.

Scale software is a needed business tool in todays scrap and recycling industry. Purchasing software to run your scale stations and cashier stations can be pricey.

PopScrap has developed the lowest cost solution while delivering the most innovative and state of the art software solutions.

With the average yard paying less than $10,000 for the software, the hardware, the install and the training. This blows Nexus's software claim out of the water that they are the only company in the industry under $10,000. Get a grip on your compliance and get a package that is fully integrated and comes with world class support system.

PopScrap is installed and used daily all over the world and has proven itself to be the industry leader in new technology while offering competitive feature list with all of its competitors.