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This blog will focus on scrap metal compliance and related issues to the scrap metal industry.

Real-Time Crime Theft Reporting by

Real-Time Crime Theft Reporting by

Real-time crime theft reporting by

Scrap Metal Compliance Laws are a requirement in most states.

Since 2011, Scrap metal yards have had the option of offering local detectives and police full online access to real time scale transactions via's BOSS Online.

Officers can now get full images of the scrap metal seller, the seller's ID, vehicle image, vehicle plate image, fingerprint images and images of the stolen property within milliseconds of the sale. has developed the industries first cloud based scrap recycling software product known as the Weigh & Pay app, W&P is an Android App that is formatted for phones, tablets and all Windows devices and is paired with an online back office named BOSS.

Scrap Metal Yards can assign their detectives a secure username and password giving the officer real time data & images right on their phone or car laptop browser. Officers are given a scaled back version of BOSS Online (online scrap metal management software) so they can pursue scrap metal theft in real time while in the field.

All other crime reporting agencies (Leads Online, Business Watch International) get overnight uploads giving the thieves a 24 hour head start once the crime has been reported. These services can be costly for law enforcement agencies having to pay annual fees just to see crime theft data.

Best of all, PopScrap offers this service for FREE to its users so they can give free access to all law enforcement officials.

The reason has become one of the most popular software companies around the globe is we stop police from needing to visit the scrap yard so often and our information can assist in court cases with state of the art images with time, date, weight and material type stamped right on each material image.

Listen to one of our customers recent Facebook messages.

"I set up each police officer that comes to my yard with their own BOSS back office access, they don't even call me any more, ha ha I love it. They can instantly see what I have bought and when they show up to my yard they already have it printed out, they just need to take their own pictures onsite.
On top of that...the county judges said it was better than my verbal recount of the situation so I no longer have to go to court. Clint Kelley, Sumiton Iron & Metal, AL

Scrap yards that are honest businesses and wanting to improve their standing in the community should contact today for a free demo and trial version. 888-440-8858

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