2e1ax plain entry heavy duty truck bed covers banner textPopScrap goes HD, offering touch screen interfaces that have been desiged for large touch screen devices, tested and tried on 3" to 55" touch screens, PopScrap HD is truly a remarkable breakthough game changing product for scrap yards and recycling faclities worldwide. 

While most users are using 7" to 22" touch screens the user interface offers the industries largest buttons for ease of use and a quick learning curve.

In order for a scrap yard or recycling facility to be in compliance with state and local laws PopScrap offers the industries most rugged and reliable integration between the software and the cameras, ID scanners, fingerprint capture devices, electronic signature devices and cash dispensing machines with full integration into your QuickBooks accounting system.

Complete integration bewteen hardware and software is a standard minimum requirement in todays scrap industry. PopScrap's adavanced technology has created the most reliable system in the industry with the lowest prices.  Competitors are scrambling to compete with PopScraps 100% turn key approach. 

FUTURING PROOFING your business is must. PopScrap offers the only month-to-month licensing model in the industry that GUARANTEES 100% COMPLIANT TICKETS regardless of the state or country that your business is located.

While all of our competitors offer software only packages starting around $10,000 they can go as high as $100,000, then you must add in the cost hardware and the cost install and training package which will raise your overall cost to an average of $35,000-$55,000.

PopScrap is the only provider in the scrap and recycling industry that offers complete compliance packages with hardware, software, install and training for under $10,000.

This price is astounding considering the amount of hardware and training that is included in each package.  The in-depth training and install package is a great value and offers yards the ability to be in compliance in less than a couple of hours.

Another major difference in PopScrap packages verses its competitors packages is every package comes fully loaded with all of the software features needed for compliance, for inventory tracking, for shipping and creating BOL's with unlimited Back Office users (BOSS).

PopScrap offers the industries only web based management system for 24/7 access world wide from any internet connected device that is paired with a Android app for ticket creation.