PopScrap has been hard at work getting ready to release brand new product and services to the scrap and recycling industry.

We are very excited about this new product and services combination that we are preparing a new website, new marketing materials and have brought on new personel to support the new influx of companies that will start to flock to PopScrap.com inc., as their new solution provider in the recycling industry.


New Products & Trained Professionals to Best Serve Our Clients

PopScrap.com has certified and trained Recycling Compliance Specialists ready to serve the international recycling market. PopScrap.com is now ready to explode its customer base in 2013 to well over 1000 clients.

With a new product line comes a new approach to sales, PopScrap.com Inc., and its experienced directors have studied the existing licensing models only to find that they are outdated and require too much infrastructure to maintain.  PopScrap.com Inc., and its board of directors have released a monthly cloud subscription model that is easier to implement for companies and gives them much more security in the process.

Stay tuned as PopScrap.com Inc., will release more information as it becomes available.  And if you would like more information, give us a call today at 888-440-8858 or fill out our online form.