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How to save your scrap company $10,000

How to save your scrap company $10,000

how to save your scrap company 10000

Saving your company money, large amounts of money, costs money!

"It costs money, because it saves you money"

In the scrap recycling business there are many many ways to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Buying new equipment is the funnest and the #1 choice, but did you know that not being in compliance with scrap metal laws can cost as much as $10,000 and put a felony on your record? doesnt sound fun to me.

The fines in the new Michigan scrap metal law can run up to 5 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Scrap Yards need a product and service that will monitor your scrap metal compliance laws and alert you when compliance is not met, this type of service would ensure that all transactions are fully state compliance and could literately save your company thousands of dollars in fines, bail money and keep you from having a criminal record.

Getting images of all materials purchased, images of customers selling and receiving the money, all vehicle info, images of ID's & drivers licenses, fingerprints and electronic signatures along with following the correct pay out restrictions will get you into compliance.

If only there was a cloud (internet) based software provider that offered an affordable and reliable solution this would solve the problem once and for all.

New laws are now dictating that your service also be internet based and accessible to law enforcement like Sec. 11. (1) of the new Michigan law. 

While scrap yard owners should be very concerned about getting into and staying in compliance finding an affordable and reliable solution has been tough in the past. Costs can run as high as $100,000 and usually are not the easiest to use software products.

This is where a combination of scrap metal compliance software and compliance monitoring will prove to be next BIG product in the scrap industry. has created a cloud based compliance monitoring solution for the scrap recycling industry and then perfected it with the usage from 1000's of users world wide over the last 4 years.

Want to save money, then spend the correct money in the right places, get the professionals on board to monitor your compliance and internal theft issues today.


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