Yes, you can have it your way.

Will Build-to-Suit

Many have been wrongly informed about PopScrap software. 

Although most of our customers see the advantages of CLOUD BASED software not all PopScrap use our cloud servers.

PopScrap does offer an offline version where a local server or a remote cloud server is used to store ticketing information.


PopScrap offers both versions, the power of the cloud server is remote access, connecting locations at an affordable price and the strength of the local server is offline from the internet. Both work and both have pros and cons.

If your company is looking for solutions that instantly connects your locations and offers a web based management system then PopScrap is one of the only that has structured its db architecture for multi-locations, multi-currency and multi-lingual.

PopScrap truly is one of a kind, a true international sensation that offers competitive prices for mobile devices and windows workstations.

PopScrap offers the server hardware, the MS-SQL Licenses and regular server maintenance with offsite backups when using local servers at customers scrap yards. Along with the server maintenance comes software maintenance, updates and technical support for a low monthly fee.

Get your PopScrap anyway you want it. Just like the Burger King, we design the system to meet your requirements and your specs and work with your local IT company to insure that the best hardware and software solutions are used and installed.

Get it your way!!