Use your Android smart phone and tablet to gather compliance images, customer info and material weights.

All of this can be completed in less than 1 minute using the Weigh & Pay app. 

Getting your scrap metal business into state compliance these days is very difficult unless you have specialized software and hardware working together to meet your state and local scrap metal laws.


Any software solution should include integrated hardware such as cameras, ID scanners, fingerprint scanners, signature pads and in some cases ATM cash / coin dispensers.

When using an electronic database to track your purchases the scrap yard must be concerned about data storage and security of their customers personal information. Data back-ups and protecting your data on your server is very difficult for the smaller operations who have little to invest into the security of their networks.  With limited money invested into securing the network from outside hackers and also possible thieves that break in and steal the server computer outright scrapyards are upgrading to PopScrap at an alarming rate due to PopScrap being the only cloud based software provider world wide to the scrap metal industry.

If you are going to utilize a scrap metal software program to manage your compliance and security one should make sure that maximum security and reliability are hallmarks of the products they choose to use.  Managing your multi-million dollar scrap yard with free or almost free software is extremely risky and almost always ill advised.

Choosing a state-of-the-art computer system that has great tech support and supplies turn-key industrial hardware is paramount to getting the most out of our scrap metal compliance solution. offers the most advanced software solution to the international scrap metal industry, Stacy Duty, President of states "our products and services are simply the easiest-to-use and provide each client with guaranteed compliance, they can rest at night knowing that our servers at are safe, secure and always ready for the next days tasks" Duty continues " every client gets personal service setting up their new software system and PopScrap offers tech support within seconds when needed."

With new compliance laws in Michigan, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and throughout the world, PopScrap has designed and delivered the most comprehensive product line that is 100% mobile and compliant on smart phones, tablets and Windows PC's and has built reliable compliance rules right into the software so the scale users are guaranteed to always get 100% of the data needed to meet scrap compliance laws.

Paying by check, by ATM, by MasterCard and Visa, and Direct Credit (wire transfer) are just a few ways that PopScrap solutions has mastered the compliance laws stricter rules. 

With built in Delay Pay and many other automatic compliance rules built right into the ticket logic users are ensured that every ticket is 100% compliant and in most cases state reporting is automated with server to server ftp file transfers daily.

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