2e1ax plain entry androidappsPopScrap.com Press Release July 04, 2013

PopScrap announces a first of its kind in the Android world.

True freedom for Android developers and companies who are using Android apps for their sales or support force.


RAS = Remote Assistance Service = Remote In-App Support regardless of the android device.

No matter where your Android devices are in the world you can now demo your app, train your staff or support your clients using RAS.

RAS allows the user to request a remote support session and the Android Developer, in this case PopScrap.com can remote into the Android device and see in real time the user interface for that App. This allows the technician or sales person to fully control the UI in front of the potential client or train their field staff while both parties can see the UI.

While some companies are already providing remote support for the OS, or the file management system, none are providing full UI support regardless of the make of the Android device.

RAS is app specific and does not allow the tech or salesperson to get access to the Android outside of the authorized App this new tool provides a powerful tool for developers and companies needing to sell or support their Android app.

If youe company is interested in our SDK please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PopScrap.com continues to provide game changing software to the world and RAS is no exception.