customer facing appThis new PopScrap feature takes the electronic signature pad to a whole new level.

By using a 7" or 10" tablet, your customers can now pre-check out and reduce the time spent at the cashier booth.

This new feature will speed up your ticket line by getting a customer image, getting a signature, allowing the customer to read and sign the disclaimer before getting to the cashier booth to get paid out., all on a $70 tablet , a savings of $500!

Only PopScrap cares about the upfront cost of getting you started, while other software companies are raising the prices, PopScrap is lowing them and helping to reduce long term costs with new features using new hardware technology like this Customer Facing App.

While traditional electronic signature pads can cost $500 - $1000 and only capture a signature, PopScrap CFA feature also uses the tablet front facing camera to get the image of the customer, get the signature of the customer, displays the entire ticket for review and allows the full disclaimer to be read at a nearby Customer Station, where all of this takes place on a wall of 1-5 tablets, then the customer proceeds to the cashier for a 1 button cash payout. Speeding up your cashier line and reducing cashier fatigue in a compliance centric industry.

Call or email PopScrap today for a free demo and we will install a demo version for FREE on your PC or Android phone or tablet.