No matter the country, no matter the currency, no matter the language PopScrap is prepard to meet your international compliance needs at the 2014 ISRI Convnetion & Exposition in Las Vegas Nevada, April 6-10 2014 BOOTH 315.

Since 2011 PopScrap has proven its international dominance in the scrap recycling software arena, with hallmark customers in Austraila, New Zealand, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada and throughout the US.

Growing an international customer base while growing the #1 Could based software suite in the inudstry takes a world class team of designers, programmers, developers and management, proving once again that PopScrap is ready to storm the metal market in 2014.

With new features and products under constant development PopScrap will continue to release new and innovative products in the scrap recycling industry while releasing new products in the Point of Sale industry, credit card industry, ATM industry and most importantly, the data mining industry.

So, if your company is looking for a software solution in the scrap metal industry that meets compliance and budget needs then PopScrap can be your dream provider.

The only cloud based solution providing instant visibility online of each transaction with full images and inventory controls, PopScrap truly is the software of the future for the global recycling industry.