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Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

scrapshield scrap yard compliance softwareCompliance Monitoring for the next generation.

ScrapShield is sure to change the scrap and recycling industry forever. 

For the first time in the history of the scrap and recycling industry,  scrap owners can now rest assured they are in full compliance with each and every ticket. ScrapShield Compliance Monitoring is the new product offering from Inc.


PopScrap has noticed with its international client base that compliance monitoring is a major concern for owners and managers and neither of those two have time to focus their energy to know and understand the vast complexities of local, state, and federal scrap metal compliance laws. Laws are changing every day and its about time someone was working behind the scenes to improve over all compliance reporting and monitoring services.

At the average yard, when the local authorities stop in unannounced to search for crime related information, always causing quite the stir. Yard activity slows to a near stop, employees feel like they are working for the police, owners are loosing profits and customers keep driving by and sell their materials at the next yard.

ScrapShield was designed to take over the responsibility of interacting and interfacing with the local authorities and to help stop the unannounced visits to the yard.

A Compliance Officer is assigned to your yard and will work directly with the law to train and enable them to find the data and images they need without visiting the yard.  ScrapShield Sheriff is a cloud based tool with real time crime fighting information that local detectives can search from their Smartphone, tablet or Windows PC. Any internet enabled device can host ScrapShield Sheriff. 

Local crime fighting officers no longer have to wait till tomorrow to get real time ticket data 

ScrapShield can also mount monitoring cameras above your cashier stations and scale stations to aid in training and help spot potential inside theft.  As your employees realize that someone else is watching then the horseplay and potential money games come to a stop now that they understand the a trained compliance and security officer is watching.

ScrapShield offers weekly and montlhy incident reports so that owners know when the Compliance Officer and the local authorites have accessed their information and what the results and outcome where of the crime search.

You can purchase ScrapShield and PopScrap as a combined combo package.


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