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A fish Story by William Clint Kelley

A fish Story by William Clint Kelley

A Fish Story by William Clint Kelley, Sumiton Iron & Metal, a user.

Mr. James Bramlett, Came to Sumiton Iron & Metal, as a new customer February 27, 2012. I never would have thought after bringing in three loads of scrap that day that the next time I saw him would be when he pulls onto the lot on February 28, 2012, asking our scale master to certify the weight of a fish! Don Kelley and John Buckelew where handling the situation for Mr. Bramlett. With me having no clue what was going on, I was called out to have a look. Shock is the only word I know to use; it was the largest fish I had ever seen!


Of course I had to handle other customers while the entire staff here had to stop to see the “Big Fish”. Even with my shock and everyone else saying that it was going to be the new state record at 70 pounds I had my doubts, I mean what are the chances someone I met for the first time just the day before coming back to my facility to have the new state record Stripe Bass weighed much less the new world record.

After every one had a look, Mr. Bramlett asked if there was any way we could document his weight and a picture of the fish, and even though there is not a fish button on our Popscrap app John tells the man “yes”, Don gets the tablet, starts a new ticket, pulls in Mr. Bramlett’s information, and opts to use our converter tab to document it.

Now of course when we print the 3” receipt there is no picture, Mr. Bramlett wants to know where the picture is. I told him give me a min and I will show you, I pull up boss, type in his name pull up ticket #14475 and print him a copy that has his picture and one of the fish weighing 70 pounds.

You have to remember that I still have doubts but after a few keystrokes and a couple of seconds at the computer there was no doubt left, he did have the new state record and possibly the new world record stripe setting right there on my scale and the proof stored using my PopScrap.

Shortly after all the hand shaking, back slapping, and congratulation’s, Mr. Bramlett said one final thank you before heading to meet up with the fish and game rep to have his fish certified as the new state record.

There is no fiction that will ever be stranger than the truth. I can say this honestly because I still find it hard to believe and I was there!

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