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4G Failover for Business Continuity

4G Failover for
Business Continuity

Maximizing Revenue & Minimizing Risk to Your Brand

4G Failover


  • + 3 options & evaluations for increasing network resiliency.
  • + Criteria for choosing a 4G LTE failover solution.
  • + American Apparel & Blinds to Go customer success stories.
  • + An overview of Cradlepoint’s benefits and solutions

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In contrast to wired failover solutions or redundant service, 4G LTE technology offers always-on, cost-effective connectivity. As a failover solution, wireless offers speeds fast enough to keep your network humming. The relatively low cost of 4G LTE for business continuity means a greater return on investment and scalability for multiple locations, for which other options are just simply cost-prohibitive.

With a wireless 4G LTE failover solution, distributed enterprises can enjoy the same reliability and competitive advantage as large enterprises. Organizations seeking a business continuity solution that can be trusted for alwayson network connectivity should consider deploying a 4G LTE-enabled solution to ensure maximum uptime, speed-to-deployment, cost-effective scalability

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