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As the scrap industry prepares for the 2013 ISRI EXPO in Florida on April 9-13.

PopScap will not be attending this year thanks to the many new customers who are leaving their out dated software and flocking to PopScrap's reliable and trusted software solutions.

With an average of 10 new customers per month around the world PopScrap is overwhelmed with installs and training new clients.

As PopScrap continues to add new features and special requests from its new client base PopScrap is afforded the opportunity to raise its prices and get closer to the industry standard market prices for scrap software and hardware solutions.

New prices can be found on the Simple Pricing page and are as follows

1. One Time Setup and Training fee $2490 
(travel expenses not included)

2. Monthly Subscription $198
(Includes database hosting, program updates and tech support)

3. Choose your number of Smart WorkStations
($4990 per Workstations, Includes software/hardware for full compliance)

Add a Smartphone or Tablet License
$990 set up fee and $98 per month for hosting and support.



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