Getting started with PopScrap is simple and free.

10 steps getting started with popscrap1. Sign up for a free demo

2. Create your UNLIMITED material groups, materials and prices. (or email us and we will upload)

3. PopScrap will create your company profile with materials and prices.

4. You or a PopScrap technician will install PopScrap Software on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Windows PC

5. Complete a free remote training session 

6. Start printing tickets, tracking inventory, create shipping reports

All of this can happen in 1 hour or less.


7. Order and pay for your compliance hardware package

8. Purchase your PopScrap user license/s for your scale/s and cashier/s stations
Unlimited Back Office users (BOSS) included for most packages.

9. Have your compliance hardware installed and tested

10. Start LIVE with a clean database, be in full compliance in less than 3-5 days.


Having installed hundreds of scrap yards and recycling centers all over the world, PopScrap will exceed your compliance expectations while maximizing your return on investment by allowing you to control your business 24/7 from any connected device using BOSS Online (Back Office Support Software).

BOSS instantly connects your locations, giving real time inventory reports, inventory evaluations based on average price paid.

BOSS instantly allows you to see daily activity from your Smart Phone or any internet connected device such as your iPhone, iPad, Mac machines.

In most cases PopScrap Software can be installed, trained and running your business in full compliance in 1 week or less, guaranteed.

Call or email today to sign up for your free trial.