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#1 Point of Purchase App

#1 Point of Purchase App, the leader in Point of Purchase (POS/POP) scrap software and hardware solutions to the international scrap metal and recycling industry, announced today that state and local regulatory compliance is now affordable for the masses with new low monthly payment plans.

Early adopters of PopScrap point of purchase technology are using it to make smarter business decisions than those using outdated local IT and server hardware.

"The stats speak to a broader trend that early adopters of PopScrap systems are generally more successful in today’s recycling industry," said Stacy Duty, Founder and CEO of Inc. "We're also seeing that access to web-based business analytics is a real competitive advantage, with recyclers using that to gain insight and make instant business decisions from anywhere in the world."

PopScrap user, Clint Kelley of Sumiton Iron & Metal recently stated “I Can vouch for the software! It keeps my staffing needs low, my taxes in line, my inventory under control, & keeps me free to do all the things an owner should be able to do.”

"For example," continued Mr. Duty, when owners and brokers have real-time access to sales data when they are out of the office PopScrap allows them to make quick decisions in a commodity based industry where seconds count,  and each second can mean thousands of dollars earned or lost.

Sal Agredano, President, Eureka Tech Recycling, “PopScrap is great! I can log in to the back office (BOSS) from my iPhone or any computer with an internet connection and see the current day’s activity as well as look up customers details from anywhere. This enables me to be more mobile and still have the information I need to do business.”

Mr. Duty went on to add that the marriage of cloud computing and mobile technology is changing the way small businesses operate.

"We've gone from a situation where people used to wait to review things like business performance at the end of the month or quarter, to one where you can view and react to sales trends live on your smartphones and tablets,” he said. "It's a significant leap forward, and it's no accident these scrap yards are doing so well."

About Inc.

The simplest way to make smarter business decisions, is the affordable, complete platform for running a scrap yard from an Android phone/tablet or Windows PC with real-time reporting on the web or from your smartphone. Backed by split-second responses times when it comes to customer care, the App purchases scrap metal at lightning speed and accuracy.  

PopScrap enables users to pay complaint tickets via cash, check, ATM, wire transfers and can send to transactions to an accounts payable status for later payouts. Transactions can be printed from Bluetooth mobile printers, local USB or network printers and can emails transactions to customers for mobile buyers.  At only $198/month for 5 workstations recyclers can manage inventory, employees, and customers and view back office inventory and reports (BOSS Reports) from any web browser.


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