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#1 in Customer Satisfaction

#1 in Customer Satisfaction
Well I had yet another software dealer come in, talking about how great there system is, You know I really just laughed at him. I showed him move for move that Popscrap could do everything his could, after about an hour and a half he left whipped. LOL.
He said he was headed to a place called Black Warrior, I was glad to inform him That Miss Sunny was a Popscrap lady herself.
It's hard for them to compete in this area when the two major scrap yards use the same software.
Thanks to you, Stacy, and your great idea, We are able to operate with minimal staff and can run multiple tickets at one time and keep track of all of it!
Thank you, and Thanks to your great staff as well.
Thank You
Clint Kelley
Sumiton Iron & Metal
370 Old Warrior Road
Sumiton, AL 35148


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