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#1 Hottest APP in SCRAP

#1 Hottest APP in SCRAP

1 hottest app in scrapPopScrap has modifed its pricing scheme to allow the smaller operators who buy scrap metal and bottle beverage containers to get in for $3490 including the software license, training and 1-10" tablet with a receipt printer.

For small yards who need full compliance can get in for $9,990. This combo package allows the operator to create full state compliance tickets and allows the capturing of images for ID's, customer face shot, material image, vehicle image, fingerprint image and signature from 5 scale stations with hardware, install and training included for 2 scale stations.

PopScrap really is changing the industry by lowering the entry level costs with less expensive software and lowering the overall cost of compliance hardware.


Talk about a game changer, this really changes the entire industry, allowing small operators to remain in business by keeping the law when buying scrap but also allows the larger companies who needmore features from a robust back office such as inventory tracking, automated state reports, automated regrading of materials for shipping etc.

The BOSS back office is offered in 2 levels, the first level is basic state reporting, with inventory and shipping features. BOSS PRO comes with full inventory tracking and with QuickBooks integration for automated accounting transfers from PopScrap servers to your QuickBook PC. 

This will allow real time tracking of all locations regardless of where they are in the world. 

Companies that want unlimited ticketing and cashier stations with full back office and QuickBooks support can purchase the entire license suite for $14,990 and then pay $299 per month for unlimited ticketing stations per location.

You can download the trial version for free

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