Cloud Solutions for Waste, Recycling, Logistics & Service-Based Industries

PopScrap has partnered with a software developer that provides world class cloud based interactive dispatch and industrial asset management software solution for recycling, waste, logistics and service based industries.

With over 40 years experience in construction, recycling, and logistics, our cloud solution is designed and built the best container tracking, routing, and dispatch software to meet your needs.

Our software solutions link drivers, dispatchers, customers, and management through a simple user interface, solving the daily challenges of dispatching and industrial asset management teams worldwide.

Linking Customers, Drivers, Dispatchers, & Management Through a Simple Interface


    • Live overview
    • Reporting
    • Interactive graphs
    • User settings
    • Driver data
    • Truck data
    • Manage locations
    • Deployed assets
    • Availible assets

    • Route Optimization
    • Route building
    • Real time GPS tracking
    • Full web interface
    • Yard management
    • Dispatching
    • Scheduling
    • Mapping
    • Reports
    • Prioritizing
    • Rollovers

    • Runs on any smart phone
    • Free Mobile Interface
    • Alternate Destinations
    • Image uploading
    • Unlimited Drivers
    • Live maps
    • Directions
    • Routing
    • Live data
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A simple interface for drivers that interacts with your customers automatically, at the touch of a button.

We know that drivers have unique characteristics that make them great assets for your organization. The software gives your drivers the information they need, in a format that is easy to understand. A driver's time is valuable. Don't waste it by scanning assets in and out. Keep your drivers doing what they are good at: Driving! Couple this with a feature giving your drivers the ability to complete or fail a service request that can send an email directly to your customer, and you have the most robust, customer focused asset management program available!


  • Driver Overview

    A lot of our versatility comes from the driver mobile utility. This utility provides an easy to understand interface displaying all of the information a driver would need to see to complete their tasks for the day. The information is updated in real time, meaning any changes that are made are updated and displayed to the driver ASAP to minimize mistakes and prevent time wasting calls. All the information is presented in an easy to understand format using large, clear font and easily distinguishable buttons to further eliminate mistakes. The Driver is provided with additional information like, notes added by the dispatcher, and images for that asset type to assist them in getting the job done.
  • Driver Workflow

    When a driver first logs in, they will see a list of all the trucks that are currently assigned to them. Selecting a truck will take the driver to a list of their requests where they can see the address of the request, the request type, and any other relevant information. After choosing the first request, they have the option to add images, notes, complete the request, fail the request, or view live maps to assist them. The drivers can also add material types as well as heavy and light weights which will calculate the net weight to a completed request, this information is immediately available to the dispatcher as well.
  • Driver Maps

    The live maps are a powerful tool for the drivers. Using the maps, drivers can easily visualize the location of the request, the dump destination if the request requires a dump, their current location, street names, a direct route to the request, and more. Color coded pins on the map will show the driver his location, the request location and the dump destination if added to the request.


A management / dispatcher interface that provides unparalleled results in the most uncomplicated and powerful asset management software available.

WeighPay Software Solutions makes the complex task of managing your assets location and the movement of those assets easier, faster and more efficient. Index cards, whiteboards and spreadsheets are seamlessly replaced with software that gives you maximum results with minimal clicks. A critical design feature was to minimize and simplify a dispatcher's daily task of scheduling and route prioritization.