Project "FREE-SCRAP-APP" by

project free scrap has been challenging the status quo since 2011 and offers another game changing product for the scrap metal industry.

PopScrap is expanding it’s "Free-Scrap-App" project to a select group of Scrap Metal Yards in the Golden State in early 2015.

After getting 2 years of feedback from yards that are already benefiting from our initial roll out, we have decided to bring on a limited number of new participants in 2015 in California.

Each project participant showed significant improvements in all areas of yard management and higher profits when fully participating in Project "Free Scrap App", especially for off site owners and managers. Each participant receives free scrap software and hardware package with full training and install assistance with the compliance based hardware. Each yard agrees to sell their materials to our processing partner who happens to be the largest bottle beverage buyer in the state of California. The processor handles the dispatching, shipping logistics and payments for materials sold in the program.

"We released the first version of this new pilot project back in 2013 with great success. We have built a great loyal customer base using the 'Project Free Scrap App'. says Stacy Duty, President of"

This new project will now be opened to any scrap yards or recycling center in California and is available to qualifying centers on a limited basis. Based on project results from this next phase, we will evaluate as we go, and potentially roll this out nationwide later this year.

Our project participants are reporting higher profits and greater control of their scrap business. Getting control of the numbers and the logistics is key to making profits in volatile scrap metal commodities markets.

Given that most compliance based software scrap yard solutions that were created in the 21st Century, that offer new touch screen computers with all the compliance hardware and cameras can cost well over $40,000, not including annual fees that can go as high as $5,000 per year for maintenance including software updates and tech support.

Why is Project "Free-Scrap-App" successful?

The scrap processor is the key!

PopScrap is working with the worlds largest bottle beverage recycler in the State, RePlanet. Together we have created a complete turn-key package that allows the scrap yard or CRV center to get the #1 scrap yard software solution for free by agreeing to let RePlanet be their processor for all CRV materials.

Recycling centers and scrap yards get top market prices for their CalRecycle qualified bottle beverage materials, they can also opt in to sell their scrap metals, as we can offer top market prices for all metals.

CRV centers can get scales, shipping containers, software, hardware, training and install for a turn key business approach.

"Our combined strengths allow each yard to buy smart with the best tools in the industry and get the best prices when selling."

We get the first-right-of-refusal to buy all of your materials at the highest market prices, if we fail to give fair market value, then you sell to the highest bidder, but RePlanet gets first right to match the prices and conditions surrounding the sale of the materials including the cost of shipping.

Participants wanting to cancel the contract can pay for the hardware and start paying the monthly hosting fees and can start selling your materials elsewhere at any time. It's that simple. A great way to get free software.

We are confident that we can offer highest prices for your materials and help you run a profitable business, this is what allows us to make such a attractive offer.

"It's a win-win for recycling yard owners, get the #1 online software tools with the #1 buyer in the State and get the highest prices for your materials. A dream come true for California Recycling Centers."

It does not matter if the business is behind a grocery store, in a parking lot or a full service scrap metal yard in the state of California, call to see if you qualify today.

Start out 2015 in the right direction, get a built in buyer that helps you buy right and sell right. Know your profits before you purchase and or sell, track your inventory and shipping with the best online software tools available.

Best of all, pay nothing out of your pocket, PopScrap and RePlanet are here to service your yard, help you make more profits in 2015 and get you the best tools in the industry.

Authored by Stacy Duty