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Brokering Services

For the first time in the scrap recycling industry history PopScrap is offering its software and hardware services for free, we will install and train your staff at no charge and place ATM’s in your cashier area to secure your cash and give your company a 100% compliance guarantee at no cost.

Some may say, why?

We want to empower your business, with guaranteed compliance to state laws while reducing your monthly overhead by providing new hardware and the #1 cloud based software solutions in the industry at no cost to your yard.  

All we ask is, sign our broker’s agreement and give us the “First Right of Refusal” to purchase your metals at the highest prices possible.  The length of the agreement is a reflection of our upfront and ongoing investment into your company regarding the software and hardware usage.

We want to purchase your metals at the highest prices possible (based on average buying market prices). Our commitment is to offer reasonable prices that beats or competes with your other metal buyers. If we cannot meet or beat their prices then you sell to them and we start the buy / sell cycle all over again.

At any time you can cancel the agreement and keep the hardware with the agreement that you start paying the monthly hosting fees for the software for the duration of the contract.

We will place an offer in your BOSS back office based on your existing inventory, by pre-populating a Market Price, if you like our price and are ready to sell, then click the “SELL NOW” button, this will initiate our dispatch team to pick up your material, sell your material and wire the money the same day we purchase your material.

Free scrap metal software and hardware is a reality, based on your current volume and location we will determine which one of our software packages is the right solution for your yard and size operation. Our primary goal is to meet all of your compliance and cash security needs with our products and services.

Our end game is to help you grow your company, reduce operating costs, increase visibility of your business numbers so you are in absolute control of your business and know for certain you are getting the highest prices possible.

For more information about project "FREE-SCRAP-APP, click here.

Authored by Stacy Duty