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"Our competitors say a lot of things. But what really matters, is what our customers say. Customer ratings are the best way to vet out a company's products and services. PopScrap customers are always talking about our products, and we want you to talk with them before purchasing."

--Stacy Duty, President/CEO, PopScrap Inc.

PopScrap Customer Testimonials


"M3 Metals is extremely pleased with your innovative software and products. Before we brought PopScrap on board, our ticketing process was labor intensive and repetitive. Now everything is automated and simple; we couldn't be happier! Thank you!"

Steve Lodge Jr., M3 Metals
, San Marcos, CA

“PopScrap is great! I can log in to the back office (BOSS) from my iphone or any computer with an internet connection and see the current day’s activity as well as look up customers details from anywhere. This enables me to be more mobile and still have the information I need to do business.”

--Sal Agredano, President, CalWest Recycling


"Local detectives stopped by our yard for a random inspection, thanks to Popscrap we were in complete compliance and even received two thumbs up from the detectives, also they mentioned if every yard had Popscrap it would make their job much easier..."

--Alex Ploumis, Owner, Beaver Recycling . Hollywood, Florida

Today I was working by myself  and my customers were amazed at how I could handle 8 customers at one time, this was was only made possible because of how fast and simple PopScrap is to use. I think my customers were were blown away at how much I could do being the only office worker here.  Thanks for creating the #1 scrap app in the world.

We had a big meeting last night I think your program spoke for its self last night when I brought 23 company owners back to the office to have a look.  The system has already freed up a lot of my time, I high reccomend anyone wanting to purchase PopScrap to call me or visit our yard first. Thanks for your great support and for making such a affordable program.


--Clint Kelley, Sumiton Iron & Metal. Sumiton, Alabama


Wow! EASE of USE, Simple to Implement even for first time Scrap Software users and training and technical support is OUT of THIS WORLD  With The Skies The Limit Advanced Features, Flexibility/Accessibility, True Portability and Down to Earth Pricing that envy our competitors yards software that is Twice the cost!  We wish we could have done it sooner!


--Thank you, PopScrap! Chi Dang, Plant Manager. Columbia Recycling PDX, Portland, OR


For years we desperately tried to find software that would fit our needs at a reasonable price. At one point, we even went as far as hiring a programmer to write software for us which turned out to only do basic things we wanted.

I only wish we found Weigh & Pay Solutions sooner. They totally understood what we were trying to achieve and worked with us to get us what we needed at a resonable cost. Not only that, they have worked with us to streamline their software to our specific needs. I can't say enough about the guys at W & P. Even though they have truly have earned our business, they still work hard for it!

--Josh Trudeau, President, Cable Management LLC


USA Scrap has had great feedback from customers and we have been buying more scrap since using your text message marketing. A new scrap yard has opened down the street and I had to increase my prices so the other new scrap yard not to take my customers away. Since we have most of the customers phone numbers we are able to get in contact with them either by text message or by me personally calling our top customers. Its a great feature that you are offering and I am sure that once we implement your whole system we are going to see all our numbers increase. I am really happy that you are always open to new ideas and it would be great if you ever come down to Miami to visit us.

Thanks for all your help!

--Jose Arrango, USA Scrap