Searching for scrap metal images when the cops arrive can be a daunting task.

Many yards face this daily, cops arrive, your cashier line is backed up and you need your records and the owner cannot be found.

If you are using PopScrap then Don't worry, all of your sensitive company records are safely stored in one of the worlds largest data centers owned by GoDaddy. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent to ensure that your business records are safe and secure.

No PopScrap competitors can state that they have a multi-million dollar infrastructure protecting your business data round the clock, year after year, not even one.

Main message "Do Not rely on your local server PC" it can be stolen, corrupted and may not even power on tomorrow morning.

If your yard was using the Weigh & Pay app to create state compliant scrap metal theft tickets then your data is easily retrievable from any internet connected device. Nothing to download. Simply log into your BOSS back office from and all of your business records with images can be viewed and emailed to the cops in seconds.

Take for example, Alex from Beaver Recycling in Florida, 

"Local detectives stopped by our yard for a random inspection, thanks to Popscrap we were in complete compliance and even received two thumbs up from the detectives, also they mentioned if every yard had Popscrap it would make their job much easier..."

--Alex Ploumis, Owner, Beaver Recycling . Hollywood, Florida