"Today I was working by myself and my customers were amazed at how I could handle 8 customers at one time. This was was only made possible because of how fast and simple PopScrap is to use. The system has already freed up a lot of my time, I highly recommend anyone wanting to purchase PopScrap to call me or visit our yard first. Thanks for your great support and for making such a affordable program."~Clint Kelley, Sumiton Iron & Metal. Sumiton, Alabama

    "PopScrap is great! I can log in to the back office (BOSS) from my iPhone or any computer with an internet connection and see the current day’s activity, as well as look up customers details from anywhere. This enables me to be more mobile and still have the information I need to do business." ~Sal Agredano, President, Eureka Tech Recycling



    "Wow! EASE of USE, Simple to Implement even for first time Scrap Software users and training and technical support is OUT of THIS WORLD with the sky's the limit advanced features, flexibility/accessibility,, true portability and down to earth pricing that envy our competitors yards software that is twice the cost! We wish we could have done it sooner! Thank you, PopScrap!" ~Chi Dang, Plant Manager. Columbia Recycling PDX, Portland, OR

    "M3 Metals is extremely pleased with your innovative software and products. Before we brought PopScrap on board, our ticketing process was labor intensive and repetitive. Now everything is automated and simple; we couldn't be happier! Thank you!" ~Steve Lodge Jr., M3 Metals
, San Marcos, CA
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Desktop Software

WeighPay Pro is the world's #1 Cloud ERP when paired with Oracle NetSuite. 40,000 customers in over 100 countries with CRM and Financials.

Read More

Mobile Software

The world's #1 Android mobile app for buying and selling scrap metal with built-in ticket logic for collecting state compliance images. 

Read More

Browser Software

The WeighPay Online application is your back office for prices, customers, contracts, accounts payable, accounts receivable and for creating purchases using any internet connected device with 24/7 online reporting.

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Accounting Integration

WeighPay connects to Quickbooks desktop, QBO and Oracle NetSuite ERP offering real-time integration. Scale tickets are automatically inserted as a Journal Entry, Bill, Purchase Order or an Invoice.

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Why Popscrap?Compliance Focused, Scrap Metal Software With Cloud Protection For Your Scale Transactions.

PopScrap Mobile

The MOBILE version is a fully state compliant scale ticketing solution for android mobile devices. Offering the largest buttons in the industry for simple implementation for any user of any age. Free your business from network limitations.

PopScrap Pro

The PRO version is our #1 best selling scale software solution for the discerning scrap yard owner who demands the best money can buy, formatted for Windows desktops and tablets, offering the most advanced hybrid ticketing solution, using a Windows app connected to a cloud server instantly connecting your locations and devices via the internet.


Accounting Integration

PopScrap Software can be fully integrated with many of the popular accounting solutions, offering a direct connection from your scale software to your accounting solution like QuickBooks Software. Automated real-time transfer of information reduces mistakes and increases reliability of your most important numbers.

Browser Based Scrap Software

Open any browser on any device and run BOSS LITE for CalRecycle CRV buyers and or use BOSS PRO to create commercial ticketsfor business to business transactions. Easy to use interface, no downloads, no installs, prints to any printer from any device.

WHY POPSCRAP?Compliance Focused, Scrap Metal Software With Cloud Protection For Your Scale Transactions.


Cloud Based Scrap Yard Software

The 21st century requires a 21st century solution! Cloud based scrap and recycling software solutions eliminate costly and complex outdated servers for easy global administration on any internet connected device through an advanced intuitive web based application.


Mobile Ready

Create fully compliant tickets for your scrap metal yard using your smart phone, tablet, or desktop pc, for ease of use and affordability.


WeighPay PRO is a Windows application for desktops and tablets with full integration to Oracle NetSuite ERP, the world's #1 Cloud ERP with over 40,000 customers in over 100 countries. Best-in-class security connecting your scale transactions to your accounting software with 24/7 online access to your entire business from any device, creating a single source of "truth" in NetSuite while maintaining metal theft compliance with local your scrap laws.



WP Pro logo

Accounting Integration

Create fully compliant tickets for your scrap metal yard or recycling center, and instantly load transactions into your QuickBooks in real time.


WP Online can be accessed 24/7 from any internet connected device while offering two options for creating scale tickets along with the industries only web-based back office scrap software with Purchase Contracts and Sales Contracts with our own AP and AR features with a complete WIP and Finished Goods inventory management with shipping.

WP Online

Scrap Recycling Compliance Blog

This blog will focus on scrap metal compliance and related issues to the scrap metal industry.

Easy Scrap Metal State Compliance Logic

Easy Scrap Metal State Compliance Logic

Use your Android smart phone and tablet to gather compliance images, customer info and material weights.

  • Capture images for Drivers Licenses
  • Capture images for scrap customers (vendors)
  • Capture fingerprints
  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Capture images of each piece or load of scrap metal (time/date weight stamped on image)
  • Capture image of cashier and customer at time of payout

All of this can be completed in less than 1 minute using the Weigh & Pay app. 

Getting your scrap metal business into state compliance these days is very difficult unless you have specialized software and hardware working together to meet your state and local scrap metal laws.


Any software solution should include integrated hardware such as cameras, ID scanners, fingerprint scanners, signature pads and in some cases ATM cash / coin dispensers.

When using an electronic database to track your purchases the scrap yard must be concerned about data storage and security of their customers personal information. Data back-ups and protecting your data on your server is very difficult for the smaller operations who have little to invest into the security of their networks.  With limited money invested into securing the network from outside hackers and also possible thieves that break in and steal the server computer outright scrapyards are upgrading to PopScrap at an alarming rate due to PopScrap being the only cloud based software provider world wide to the scrap metal industry.

If you are going to utilize a scrap metal software program to manage your compliance and security one should make sure that maximum security and reliability are hallmarks of the products they choose to use.  Managing your multi-million dollar scrap yard with free or almost free software is extremely risky and almost always ill advised.

Choosing a state-of-the-art computer system that has great tech support and supplies turn-key industrial hardware is paramount to getting the most out of our scrap metal compliance solution. 

PopScrap.com offers the most advanced software solution to the international scrap metal industry, Stacy Duty, President of PopScrap.com states "our products and services are simply the easiest-to-use and provide each client with guaranteed compliance, they can rest at night knowing that our servers at GoDaddy.com are safe, secure and always ready for the next days tasks" Duty continues " every client gets personal service setting up their new software system and PopScrap offers tech support within seconds when needed."

With new compliance laws in Michigan, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and throughout the world, PopScrap has designed and delivered the most comprehensive product line that is 100% mobile and compliant on smart phones, tablets and Windows PC's and has built reliable compliance rules right into the software so the scale users are guaranteed to always get 100% of the data needed to meet scrap compliance laws.

Paying by check, by ATM, by MasterCard and Visa, and Direct Credit (wire transfer) are just a few ways that PopScrap solutions has mastered the compliance laws stricter rules. 

With built in Delay Pay and many other automatic compliance rules built right into the ticket logic users are ensured that every ticket is 100% compliant and in most cases state reporting is automated with server to server ftp file transfers daily.

Want to try PopScrap? a free trial period is offered so potential users can try before they buy and ensure they get exactly what they need when they need it.

Contact PopScrap.com at 888-440-8858 today or email us online.

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  • USA Scrap has had great feedback from customers and we have been buying more scrap since using your text message marketing. A new scrap yard has opened down the street and I had to increase my prices so the other new scrap yard not to take my customers away. Since we have most of the customers phone numbers we are able to get in contact with them either by text message or by me personally calling our top customers. Its a great feature that you are offering and I am sure that once we implement your whole system we are going to see all our numbers increase. I am really happy that you are always open to new ideas and it would be great if you ever come down to Miami to visit us. Thanks for all your help!

    Jose Arrango USA Scrap Read More
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