Need an android app for your scrap yard? has developed a world class multi-site multi-lingual cloud based android application that also is formatted for Windows 7 and 8 Devices.

PopScrap software is a fully state compliant software application with many if not most of the features offered by its competitors for a fraction of the price.

PopScrap integrates with ID Scanners, Fingerprint Scanners, Singature Pads, Cameras, QuickBooks integration and ATM cash /coin dispensers.

The android app for your scrap yard can be installed on most Android smartphones and tablets and be fully state compliant without the purchase of any other hardware.

"This is revolutionary and will change the industry standards" states President, Stacy Duty.

PopScrap, like all android apps can be downloaded in seconds and you can be printing fully state compliant tickets in minutes.

"It really is, so advanced...its simple", claims the company founder.

Now scrap yards of all sizes and from anywhere in the world can access their data 24/7 because PopScrap offers a secure website that allows owners, managers and brokers to view the information in real time along with images.

Even the local sheriff detectives are super impressed since PopScrap offers a website for the local authorities to view transactions in real time in an effort to curb metal theft and aleviates the need for the sheriff to visit the yard every time a crime report is filed.

The scrap industry will never be the same, PopScrap has changed the game forever by offering lower prices, quicker installs with the largest buttons in the biz. Super easy is the first thing we hear from our customers and the owners are very grateful since PopScrap saves thier company a significant amount of time and upfront money when implementing PopScrap.

You can get a free version of the program for testing by calling 888-440--8858 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.