Hardware Products Disclaimer

  • All prices on PopScrap.com reflect hundreds of hours of R&D testing and comes with full install support.
  • All hardware purchased from PopScrap.com comes with RMA support from the manufacture for returns and replacements.
  • All hardware purchases come with the standard manufacturer's warranties and limitations.
  • No refunds on hardware that has been opened and installed.
  • Installs on hardware not purchased from PopScrap incur a $195/hr fee.
  • PopScrap is not responsible and does not guarantee hardware combatibility for hardware not purchased from PopScrap.com

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Integrated Hardware Solutions for Scrap Yard Management

All hardware sold by PopScrap is tested and proven to work with our software. We spend countless hours testing new hardware in the effort to lower the overall entry cost of getting started with our solutions.

Use PopScrap Software on Android Smartphones, Android Tablets and or Windows PC's. Request a FREE trial version.


The Smart Scale Workstation - $790 - software license fees not included.

Includes a 10.1" Win 8 Tablet,  Thermal Ticket Printer 3", Scale Connection Cable.
(use on board cameras to capture ID image, ID text, Customer and Material images)

The Smart Cashier Workstation - $2490 - software license fees not included

Includes a 10.1" Win 8 Tablet, Thermal Ticket Printer 3", 1- ID Scanner, 1 Web Camera

Cameras are a big part of any scrap yards compliance packages these days. PopScrap offers the highly rugged and tested IP Cameras to fit the many needs of the scrap yard. Waterproof, Wireless, NightVision IP Cameras.


PopScrap offers many hardware configurations to meet the many different types of yard arraingements.

  • USB Mag Strip Reader
  • Bluetooth Scale Connector
  • Wall Mounted Kiosk (includes 22" touch screen, industrial kiosk printer, ID scanner, pc)
  • Stand Up Kiosk (includes 22" touch screen, industrial kiosk printer, ID scanner, pc)
  • ATM Machine (4 cash cassettes 2000-3000 notes each, under the counter unit or through the wall)
  • ID Scanner (scan and OCR ID's from all 50 states and 22 countries)
  • Cashier Camera (web or indoor network camera)
  • Indoor Scale Camera (outdoor waterproof wireless network camera)
  • Outdoor Scale Camera (heater, fan, defroster enclosure)
  • Kiosk Paper (6" rolls of 3" thermal paper)
  • Thermal Printer paper (case of 3" thermal printer paper)
  • Tablet Mounting Kit (universal wall mounting, desktop mounting kits)
  • Hand-e-holder mobile tablet kit (stay mobile with the Hand-e-Holder)
  • Fingerprint Scanner (captures fingerprint images)
  • Signature Pad (captures customer signatures)
  • Customer Facing Tablet for Signature and Images (7" tablet used as customer sig pad and camera)

Its highly reccommended that you purchase your hardware from PopScrap to insure compatability and to insure that PopScrap will troubleshoot and work with your hardware.

All hardware sold by PopScrap comes with the standard manufactures warranty (normally 1 year) and PopScrap will work with the manufactures when RMA's are provided and under normal circumstances provide a replacement unit.

PopScrap offers mobile hardware and yard based hardware as bundled packges or as a one off order. When hardware is bundled together with software its considerably less expensive.

Cash Dispensers/Safes

For applications that require a cash dispenser with a secure enclosure
the HWSE series of cash dispenser w/safe cover a wide range of applications
when expensive and heavy UL rated safes are not required.

                    +  Scrap Metal
                    +  Recycling Centers
                    +  Check Cashing Centers
                    +  Stand Alone Dispenser Applications

 8000 Notes / 4 Cassettes / Cashier Assist Unit                              



         For High Volume Applications                             For Medium/Low Volume Applications

         + 8000 Note Capacity                                        + 2400 Note Capacity
         + 4 Denomination                                              + 3 Denomination
         + Dual Lock System                                          + Telescoping Platform                             
         + Locking Cash Cassettes                                 + High Security Electronic Lock           
         + Telescoping Platform                                     + Dispenses US$ and World Currencies           
         + Dispenses US$ and World Currencies              + Dimensions: 16" W  28" H  20" D
         + Dimensions: 20 1/2" W  22" D  32" H              + Weight: 175 lbs
         + Weight: 250 lbs                                              + Can Also Be Configured for:
                                                                                     2 Denomination/1600 Notes
                                                                                     1 Denomination/800 Notes

PopScrap Hardware Disclaimers

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Windows 7 or 8 PC with 2.8+ GHZ + / 4GB RAM + (requires admin access)

Android 3.2+

There are NO REFUNDS on hardware orders.

Due to the nature of the scrap industry PopScrap cannot normally return your hardware to its vendors.

Our standard statement for harware " if you purchased your hardware from PopScrap then PopScrap will service it, warranty it and replace it within the normal manufacutures warranty period, if you purchased it somewhere else then go back to your source and have them service your hardware."

With PopScrap hardware there is no need to hire a local IT company to service your hardware, if you choose to purchase your hardware locally then PopScrap will add a $1000 hardware service fee to your invoice to reflect the many hours of testing and integrating the hardware into PopScrap software solutions.  

Can you can rely on your local company to service the warranties and RMA's associated with the hardware?

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