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The PopScrap Difference.

our philosophyPopScrap is redefining recycling software and hardware for the international scrap and recycling industry. PopScrap has created a game changing product line that is well suited for all types of mobile recyclers and scrap yards world wide.  

The philosophy behind developing the PopScrap product line was developed after selling and installing software at over 200 scrap yards for two competing software companies. PopScrap founders listened closely to the customers and their specific ongoing needs and noticed many missing elements in the competitors business logic and engineering techniques.  Our software designers and engineers set three minimum specs before launching the product in August 2011: Keep it simple, keep it fast and keep it affordable.

While developing this game changing software PopScrap became the first true cross-platform software provider in the industry. That means that no matter your device or computer, you are using the same program at every workstation. This enables cross training of employees and allows owners to implement the product at every workstation in the recycling yard or in the trucks.

If you dig deeper into the overall philosophy of PopScrap some would call it outright genius what PopScrap has accomplished.

Sophisticated Android Apps for the Scrap & Recycling Industry

PopScrap offers one of the most sophisticated Android Apps in the world paired with an online management software product named BOSS = "Back Office Support Software". BOSS gives users real time access to all of your business data instantly from anywhere in the world.  The Android app maybe the only app in the world that connects to ATM machines, Scales, ID Scanners, Fingerprint Scanners, Signature Pads, and every type of camera on the market.

Of special significance is the extra effort that went into the Android App that makes it the first fully state compliant smartphone or tablet app in the industry. No other hardware is required besides the mobile device and a printer and full compliance is a reality.

Bundled Software & Hardware Packages

For yards that want a more structured hardware setup with fixed cameras and desktop workstations, PopScrap offers bundled packages that offer the software, BOSS, hardware, install and training for one low upfront price along with a low monthly hosting fee.

All of PopScrap software products come with the friendliest customer support and its always included in the monthly hosting package.

To push even deeper into PopScrap's technical aspects every USB device is automatically converted into a network device even though its a standard USB device. So ID scanners, ATM's, scales and printers all becoming network devices, thereby allowing multiple workstations to access the same hardware creating a huge savings for the yard.

Add to the genius of PopScrap's innovative technology the incredible savings and convenience of the cloud servers giving yards all over the world instant connectivity without the huge expense of adding servers at every location. Ticket transactions and sensitive business data can be viewed for compliance, shipped and sold by a broker from anywhere in the world.

Affordable.  Simple.  Powerful:  PopScrap changes the game!

Join us in the 21’st Century with the latest low cost and reliable scrap yard software management technology!  Contact us online or call us today 888-440-8858 to discuss how PopScrap can tailor an affordable solution for your second hand business.

Authored by Stacy Duty