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Why the Cloud?

PopScrap Cloud Services: Simple | Affordable | Scalable | Secure

First off, what is the “cloud”, and why would a scrap yard or recycling center use cloud based solutions vs. on-premises server-based solutions?

Simply put: Cloud solutions are easier to use, more affordable, scalable for ever-changing requirements, and more secure. On-site server based solutions can be difficult to use and maintain, require a much higher cost of ownership, difficult and costly to upgrade and change as technology changes, and much less secure and vulnerable to hacking and data loss.

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Consider this: Most software developers (regardless of the industry they serve) that offer software and hardware solutions are making the switch to cloud-based solutions -- and for good reason. Cloud-based solutions are simple for the end user to learn and use,  much more affordable, scalable, and secure. In the past, software solutions required expensive servers and equipment that would reside at the business location. That meant business owners were required to not only purchase expensive hardware for the software to run on, they would also have to deal with the maintenance, security, and constant upgrades in order to keep the system functioning and secure. That was an on-going task that took more time away from operating the business and cost more money to manage. Simply put, the old way of managing business software tools (on-site server based) was inefficient and costly.

With the expansion of the Internet came cloud-based computing.  What this simply means is that rather than have each business manage their own separate, independent hardware and servers to run the software, the cloud solutions are located on a secure central server (with redundant locations that host backups so your data is never lost) where the client has their own access to their secure system over the Internet. This has a number of benefits that make managing a scrap yard or recycling center much more efficient and cost effective, including:

Reduced IT Costs: Imagine that in the past, management software solutions required each and every business that used their software to purchase expensive hardware in order to run the software. That meant that thousands of on-site computer servers were deployed to host the software at each business location. With technology in constant change, imagine the difficulty and cost associated with maintaining each and every one of those thousands of servers in order to make sure the software runs correctly. This outdated method created the challenge to the business owner to either hire an IT person, become an IT person, or be subject to the software/hardware technical support’s schedule, cost, and experience to be able to get things back up and running in a timely manner. The downtime and cost associated with such situations simply does not exist with future forward technologies like cloud solutions. This is why most major solutions providers in all industries are migrating to the cloud. It is simply more efficient, brings costs down substantially, and more secure so the business can focus more on their business, not on maintaining their tools and dealing with downtime.

Ease of Use: Cloud-based solutions are hosted and maintained off-site by the professionals who designed the solutions. This means that everything that runs the software solutions are technically up to date and working, minimizing any downtime, which makes your business run more smoothly and efficiently, at a much lower cost compared to outdated server-based solutions.

Accessibility & Visibility: PopScrap cloud solutions were designed to link multiple yards, even when there are part owners at each yard so they can manage their separate location with inventory, prices and accounting while the MASTER account holder can access all locations instantly from any device. A powerful new feature is "Live Snapshot" that gives users instant visibility to all of your pertinent business data up to the second on a ticket-by-ticket basis.  
Live Snapshot offers instant visibility for all of your locations from any Internet connected device without the expense of installing servers at every yard.  This allows for real-time data that is easy to access 24/7 for unlimited locations at a fraction of the cost of server-based solutions.

Stability & Security: In contrast to on-site server-based solutions, our cloud software offers the most comprehensive, multi-layered security for your data. Your data is safely encrypted and stored at multiple secure locations in order to protect against any data loss due to unforeseen event or disaster. Our servers are maintained and upgraded as needed, so you never have to worry about it. You can focus on your scrap business, while we focus on keeping you up and running.

Scalability & Flexibility: PopScrap Solutions can be easily scaled to meet changing needs or budgets. Our solutions can be expanded to support any increase in business volume in addition to easily add additional users. Our cloud based solutions makes it simple to manage and support the growth and changing requirements of scrap yards and recycling centers worldwide.

Reduced Cost of Ownership:  PopScrap technology allows our users to use the highest quality hardware at the lowest prices.  By using a combination of USB and Network communication techniques users can access all hardware from any device thereby reducing redundancy of hardware components while allowing maximum flexibility with wireless technology.

Time Saving & Cost Effective Support:  Let’s face it, if you have a software solution that requires expensive server equipment at your location, you WILL need support. And that means down-time and cost. With cloud solutions, we maintain the servers, so you can get back to work focusing on your scrap business. But in the even you do need support, we will be there for you with high quality live chat, email, and phone support to help you.