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about scrapmetalPopScrap is a global scrap metal compliance specialist and U.S. based recycling software provider to the international scrap, waste and recycling industry with a special emphasis on providing affordable software and hardware programs and solutions in many of the most popular platforms including Windows, Android, Apple, iPhone and iPad.

What makes PopScrap different from other scrap software providers is the way we designed the corporate structure where all the programmers are owners and this allows PopScrap to keep its products priced well below other scrap industry and second hand dealer solutions and still deliver full featured software products and services for years to come.

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The Leader in Full Cross-Platform Recycling Solutions to the Scrap Industry

PopScrap is the first to provide a full cross-platform software solution to the scrap industry.  This means your software is a stand alone Android Application that connects to a cloud database for international use.  PopScrap provides each customer with an online portal called BOSS that gives real time information and reports with full connectivity to all locations instantly without the need for additional expensive hardware.  With PopScrap, you can jump into the 21st century and move away from costly and labor intensive outdated server based solutions!

Higher Quality, Higher Efficiencies, Lower Cost

PopScrap Co-Founder Stacy Duty has spent the last several years listening and responding to the needs of the scrap and recycling industry.  As a former sales executive and lead technician for two of the most popular software companies in America our co-founder has installed and trained 100′s of scrap yards throughout the United States.  The result has been a unique opportunity to discover some massive holes left in the market place for mobile scrap software that has yielded much higher quality, efficiencies and lower costs to our customers.

Add to the creative genius of Stacy's never-ending idea factory is the rock solid experience of 5 senior level programmers (Mihailo Petrovic, Drasko Rozgic, Ljubomir Barjaktarevic, Sladjana Rozgic and Bojan Marcovic. Each team member is a vested partner and has a  interest in the overall quality and performance of the PopScrap software and services. The Advanced Programming Team (A-Ateam) as they are internally called, operates out of Belgrade, Serbia which is a major strength with their 9 hour time difference to the US. Our philosopy is simple: We combine experience with forward thinking, always putting our customers first.

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Authored by Stacy Duty