Software for Second Hand Dealers

Pawn Shop Compliance Solutions by PopScrap

PopScrap software is fully adaptable and customizable for second hand dealers, pawn shops or any industry where you purchase from the public or from businesses.

We offer both buy and sell features with a strong emphasis on the buying side.

Operating as a Point of Purchase usually means compliance laws are required as Second Hand Dealers like Pawn Shops, ReSale Shops, Trading Posts, Thrift Stores and Swap Meets are in danger of purchasing stolen items at any time.

Affordable Solutions

PopScrap software specializes in purchases by the weight or by the count making ticket transactions easy and affordable.

Our software operates on smartphones and tablets making mobile purchasing fast and easy while still getting compliance required items for each transaction.

PopScrap reports to many of the worlds leading crime fighting agencies like Leads Online and Business Watch International.

We also offer owners and local police a secure online portal for real time crime fighting purposes.


HD Ticket

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Authored by Stacy Duty

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