Compliance Based Scrap Metal Scale Ticket Software 

PopScrap = Point of Purchase Scrap Software.

PopScrap offers both mobile and yard licenses for scrap metal buyers for compliance.

We offer a fully state compliant Android app paired with an online back office for full control and visibility of your scale ticketing data.

With the ability to control shrinkage for contaminiation, add tare deductions, capture images at the time of purchase, gather all seller information PopScrap has the tools you need.

World's #1 Cloud Based Scrap Software Solutions

PopScrap offers the #1 cloud based scrap and recycling software solution in the industry, with yards from New Zealand to New York and Guatemala to Canada and all over the United States of America, PopScrap is quickly becoming the #1 choice for scrap metal yards all over the world.

PopScrap operates in multiple languages, mutliple curriences and instantly connects your locations with no need for servers or Microsoft licenses. No need to hire IT companies or other professionals as Popscrap offers a turn-key approach by providing the hardware and the install and training.

HD Ticket

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