CalRecyle Software for CZ-CRV & CRV Recycling Centers

PopScrap has designed the premeir California recycling solution for CZ-CRV and CRV Recycling Centers.

The program has been designed in both Spanish and English and is specifically designed for CA CRV buyers with 100% of the CALRECYCLE logic built in.

The program can be installed in under a minute with all of the CA Materials for Can, Plasics and Glass.

The program has built in DR6 reports for quick on the spot cut off's and has built in tracking for coupons and shrinkage per CA law.

Visibility is paramount to a CZ-Operator, as tickets are purchased they are recorded LIVE in real time in an online back office.  Owners and operators can instantly see what was purchased and how much cash is left and when its time to send a truck to each location. Locations are instantly viewable from any internet connection via the online back office.

Affordable Point of Purchase CRV Software Solutions

Affordability is crucial to CRV buyers when margins are as tight as they are in this offshoot of the recycling industry.  SEE OUR SIMPLE PRICING PAGE.

CRV Software plans starting as low as $49/mo per device insures that your business can survive the months when scrap prices are low.

The phone version has a different user interface from the tablet version due to the smaller screens. The phone version has been designed to work with single touch (thumb) from the user and can easily create 50-150 tickets per day. PopScrap offers special hardware for users that want arm bands, handheld security or other mounting hardware for security and ease of use.

phone 1

The tablet version is simple to use and gives the user a 10" mobile workstation with a battery, touch screen, tough and rugged mounting kits available.

HD Ticket

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