International Compliance and Management Solutions for the Scrap Industry

With scrap yard recyclers and second hand dealers from New York to New Zealand – and everywhere in between – PopScrap has set the international stage for next generation recycling software and services solutions for the scrap and recycling industry. PopScrap serves second hand dealers, scrap metal recyclers, CRV bottle & beverage recycling & precious metal second hand dealers, and has a variety of affordable services and solutions and simple pricing to meet any need and budget.

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Who We Serve

Through our many years of experience in the scrap industry, PopScrap has listened carefully to scrap yard owners and managers, and answered the call to provide the latest recycling software techonology at affordable costs to the following:

Bottle Depots

Core Buyers

CRV Buyers

E-Waste Buyers

Precious Metal Buyers

Scrap Metal Buyers

Second Hand Dealers

Helping Scrap Industry Clients into the 21st Century

Technology continues to advance for the purpose of increasing efficiencies, lowering costs, yard compliance, and improving lives. Scrap yard owners and second hand dealer managers who recognize this reality in the scrap & recycling industry and adapt quickly, will benefit. PopScrap is hard at work pulling scrap yards and second hand dealers into the 21st century and away from costly and outdated server technology, thus taking out costs and improving and streamlining business operations while at the same time, ensuring yard compliance with scrap laws in all 50 states.

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Whether you are in need of recycling software for scrap yards, CRV bottle & beverage, or pawn shops and precious metal second hand dealers, PopScrap has an affordable solution for your business. Also ask about our Compliance Monitoring services. Contact us today by filling out our online form or calling us directly at 888-440-8858

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