New York Scrap Laws

In 2009, five states, including New York, enacted laws to cut back on scrap metal theft by requiring businesses to keep inventory records plus accounting records of their scrap metal purchases and sales. In New York, individuals or businesses who buy, sell or ship scrap metals must also have a scrap metal processor license from the New York Department of Consumer Affairs.

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Scrap and recycling compliance

According to New York scrap laws, scrap and recycling second hand dealers must maintain records of transactions for two years, including a copy of the seller's driver's license.  New York state law requires anyoneinvolved in the transfer or dis­posal of 1973 or newer modelyear junk or salvageveh c es to obtain a registration or certi· fication from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  For more information visit New York's Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Licensing Center at:

  • Report vehicle information (year, make, model and license plate number of seller vehicle to NMVTIS
  • All tickets must have location of sale, date and time, and initials of employee who completed the sale
  • Record vehicle description and license plate number
  • Copy of drivers license
  • Tag and hold policies in effect on all materials for 5 days

Note:  Scrap yards in the state of New York are governed by their municipality; you should reference your local ordinances.  Several cities and counties have additional ordinances that might not be listed here.

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