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Recent blog posts



Retail Lobby ATM with UL291 Safe with large touch screen, 4 cassettes with 3000 notes each.

Create a Weigh & Pay Station at your scale or in your cashier booth.

Secure your cash away from your customers and employees.

Create a ticket, weigh the material, take the material image, get customer ID image and signature and dispense cash from the same station.

All of this for under $20K, safe $15,000 to $20,000 over our competitor models and get reliablity and service from our world class ATM service provider. 

A fully integrated WEIGH & PAY system. 

PopScrap expects the launch this machine in the late 3rd quater of 2014

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Since 2011, Inc., has been providing thousands of scrappers from all over the world the easiest to use and most affordable solution on the globe.

Security and realibility are what we are known for first, secondly, people love us for our first of class customer support tools, thridly, they stay because overall cost of implementation and annual maintenance costs are the lowest in the industry.

When looking for a software provider a scrap comapny should call around and get several quotes, you will see that PopScrap offers darn near every feature for 50% less cost and offers 100% more visibility for your business through our online BOSS software product.


With today's technology it should not be that expensive to take a picture of the customer and the material, PopScrap has proven that in the less than 3 years we have beaten our competitors in a line by line feature to feature comparison.

We are in constant developement, we have 4 senior programmers that are owners of the company, at the end of the day qualitiy of design and overall user experience is the best in the scrap world.

Dont be fooled by new comers offering new apps that offer the "same" that PopScrap offers, this is not possible, since we have 3 + years with 4 senior developers dedicated to building the best scrap software app in the industy with 100% satisaction, new comers can say what they want, but they simply cannot compete.


We offer to trade out your old outdated software by offering discounts to our products when leaving one of our competitors. Dont get caught out of compliance. PopScrap Guarantees 100% Ticket compliance with our built in compliance tools and logic.

With that being said, you can always talk to our customers, they are the proof in action.

Call today 888-440-8858 to get names and referral numbers.

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While it might not be all together true that Microsoft was keeping an eye on PopScrap's international successes due largely to GoDaddy's reliable hosting services, it is true that Microsoft has announced a global partnership with GoDaddy to offer Office365 to small businesses. Inc. has earned a glowing international reputation for reliable trustworthy scrap recycling software that is hosted by GoDaddy.

PopScrap has been proud to use GoDaddy services since 2011.  

GoDaddy has allowed to grow our business by offering reliable hosting services that has encouraged hundreds of businesses from around the world to operate their multi-million dollar scrap metal businesses.

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Single Station Hardware Combo $3990

Looking for a great software package for your CRV (bottle beverage recycling) or small scrap metal buying business, this is your #1 solution.

Software for 1 station - includes BOSS Lite (online visibility of your business in real time)

Hardware includes - Tablet, Printer, Cash Drawer, Tablet Kiosk and paper

Install and training

Monthly maintenance and support fees are $150/mo

Call 888-440-8858 to get started today.

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New CRV Prices effective January 1, 2014.

The following is a list of new CRV prices:

Aluminum       $1.58

Glass             $0.104

#1 PET           $1.06

#2 HDPE        $0.61

#3 PVC          $0.45

#4 LDPE         $2.02

#5 PP             $0.60

#6 PS             $5.62

#7 Other          $0.31

BiMetal            $0.36

Small $0.05 / Large $0.10

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#1 Hottest APP in SCRAP

#1 Hottest App in Scrap

PopScrap has modifed its pricing scheme to allow the smaller operators who buy scrap metal and bottle beverage containers to get in for $3490 including the software license, training and 1-10" tablet with a receipt printer.

For small yards who need full compliance can get in for $9,990. This combo package allows the operator to create full state compliance tickets and allows the capturing of images for ID's, customer face shot, material image, vehicle image, fingerprint image and signature from 5 scale stations with hardware, install and training included for 2 scale stations.

PopScrap really is changing the industry by lowering the entry level costs with less expensive software and lowering the overall cost of compliance hardware.

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10 Steps To Getting Started with PopScrap

Getting started with PopScrap is simple and free.

1. Sign up for a free demo

2. Create your UNLIMITED material groups, materials and prices. (or email us and we will upload)

3. PopScrap will create your company profile with materials and prices.

4. You or a PopScrap technician will install PopScrap Software on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Windows PC

5. Complete a free remote training session 

6. Start printing tickets, tracking inventory, create shipping reports

All of this can happen in 1 hour or less.

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PopScrap International Inc. is growing globally at an expotential rate. No matter where your scrap users are located PopScrap is the only internationally based software provider that offers instant downloads, instantly connecting locations in the cloud with real-tim scrap data while collecting a plethera of local images to meet the compliance demands of local regulators.  

For the first time in the scrap industry a true "ground-breaking-game-changing" product has arrived and has been matured by the use and feedback of over 500+ daily worldwide users.  

Amazingly PopScrap has been able to keep the upfront cost at 50% less than its competitors who cannot and do not offer the technology advancements of PopScrap.  

PopScrap is responding to that demand by creating and designing our apps to meet their very specific language and currency needs.

PopScrap has launched:

  • PopScrap-MX
  • PopScrap-AU.NZ
  • PopScrap-USA
  • PopScrap-Serbia

New versions are on the way, including PopScrap-EU (European Union), PopScrap EA (EuroAsia) and PopScrap-UK.


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PopScrap-MX (Mexico) Inc. announces a new client and sales partner in Mexico. Engrane Verde S.A. De C.V has signed on to use and represent PopScrap-MX the first US based scrap recycling solution to come standard in Spanish and English.

We are very excited to have a such a strong partner in Mexico and to have such visionary leaders in the international recycling industry willing take Inc to many new countries throughout South America.

PopScrap is an android application that is paired with a web based application named BOSS (back office support software) that runs on Windows and Mac machines thanks to our friends at

PopScrap has a strong international presence already and bringing on Engrane Verde as our respresentative for Mexico and throughout South America will only solidify PopScrap as the #1 recycling software solution worldwide and ensure for many years to come our desire to be the world leader in scrap software solutions.

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Customer Facing App

Customer Facing App,

This new PopScrap feature takes the electronic signature pad to a whole new level.

By using a 7" or 10" tablet, your customers can now pre-check out and reduce the time spent at the cashier booth.

This new feature will speed up your ticket line by getting a customer image, getting a signature, allowing the customer to read and sign the disclaimer before getting to the cashier booth to get paid out., all on a $70 tablet , a savings of $500!

Only PopScrap cares about the upfront cost of getting you started, while other software companies are raising the prices, PopScrap is lowing them and helping to reduce long term costs with new features using new hardware technology like this Customer Facing App.

While traditional electronic signature pads can cost $500 - $1000 and only capture a signature, PopScrap CFA feature also uses the tablet front facing camera to get the image of the customer, get the signature of the customer, displays the entire ticket for review and allows the full disclaimer to be read at a nearby Customer Station, where all of this takes place on a wall of 1-5 tablets, then the customer proceeds to the cashier for a 1 button cash payout. Speeding up your cashier line and reducing cashier fatigue in a compliance centric industry.

Call or email PopScrap today for a free demo and we will install a demo version for FREE on your PC or Android phone or tablet.

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Tablet Battery Life 10 hrs

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

In addition to its powerful front-facing speakers and bright screen, we loved the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1's epic battery life. Sure, it may charge slowly, but when you finally have a full battery the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will last you almost all day. On our tests, the tablet lasted a whopping 9 hours and 59 minutes. You won't find better battery life on an Android device.

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Posted by Jeremy Cramer on June 13, 2013

This is part two of a three-part series about how the cloud impacts business:

Benefits of the Cloud for Businesses

The cloud simply makes businesses more efficient, which translates directly to the bottom line.

  • Easily access applications with multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) wherever you are.
  • Streamline collaboration.
  • Extend your reach.
  • Simplify and improve security.
  • Share computing resources.

For any application, the fundamental question regarding the cloud is simple: Where does it make more sense for that application to live?

  1. On a local device or server
  2. On a cloud server

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Demo.Train.Support - RAS for Android Press Release July 04, 2013

PopScrap announces a first of its kind in the Android world.

True freedom for Android developers and companies who are using Android apps for their sales or support force.


RAS = Remote Assistance Service = Remote In-App Support regardless of the android device.

No matter where your Android devices are in the world you can now demo your app, train your staff or support your clients using RAS.

RAS allows the user to request a remote support session and the Android Developer, in this case can remote into the Android device and see in real time the user interface for that App. This allows the technician or sales person to fully control the UI in front of the potential client or train their field staff while both parties can see the UI.

While some companies are already providing remote support for the OS, or the file management system, none are providing full UI support regardless of the make of the Android device.

RAS is app specific and does not allow the tech or salesperson to get access to the Android outside of the authorized App this new tool provides a powerful tool for developers and companies needing to sell or support their Android app.

If youe company is interested in our SDK please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. continues to provide game changing software to the world and RAS is no exception.

Tagged in: New Products
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Scrap App for Android

PopScrap offers the world first android scrap app that is fully state compliant in all 50 U.S. States and offers global settings for any country in the world.

Scrap App, the App runs on Windows 7/8 PC and smartphones and tablets.

Offering the most affordable scrap app for anroid in the world. 

Easy to use with the largest buttons in the industry.

The Scrap App Instantly works in English or Spanish.

The is currently in use all over the world buying metals and shipping millions of tons across the globe.

Download the Scrap App from Google Play, or from the download page on the website. 

Call 1- 888-440-8858 to get the demo username and password.

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#1 Point of Purchase App, the leader in Point of Purchase (POS/POP) scrap software and hardware solutions to the international scrap metal and recycling industry, announced today that state and local regulatory compliance is now affordable for the masses with new low monthly payment plans.

Early adopters of PopScrap point of purchase technology are using it to make smarter business decisions than those using outdated local IT and server hardware.

"The stats speak to a broader trend that early adopters of PopScrap systems are generally more successful in today’s recycling industry," said Stacy Duty, Founder and CEO of Inc. "We're also seeing that access to web-based business analytics is a real competitive advantage, with recyclers using that to gain insight and make instant business decisions from anywhere in the world."

PopScrap user, Clint Kelley of Sumiton Iron & Metal recently stated “I Can vouch for the software! It keeps my staffing needs low, my taxes in line, my inventory under control, & keeps me free to do all the things an owner should be able to do.

"For example," continued Mr. Duty, when owners and brokers have real-time access to sales data when they are out of the office PopScrap allows them to make quick decisions in a commodity based industry where seconds count,  and each second can mean thousands of dollars earned or lost.

Sal Agredano, President, Eureka Tech Recycling, “PopScrap is great! I can log in to the back office (BOSS) from my iPhone or any computer with an internet connection and see the current day’s activity as well as look up customers details from anywhere. This enables me to be more mobile and still have the information I need to do business.”

Mr. Duty went on to add that the marriage of cloud computing and mobile technology is changing the way small businesses operate.

"We've gone from a situation where people used to wait to review things like business performance at the end of the month or quarter, to one where you can view and react to sales trends live on your smartphones and tablets,” he said. "It's a significant leap forward, and it's no accident these scrap yards are doing so well."

About Inc.

The simplest way to make smarter business decisions, is the affordable, complete platform for running a scrap yard from an Android phone/tablet or Windows PC with real-time reporting on the web or from your smartphone. Backed by split-second responses times when it comes to customer care, the App purchases scrap metal at lightning speed and accuracy.  

PopScrap enables users to pay complaint tickets via cash, check, ATM, wire transfers and can send to transactions to an accounts payable status for later payouts. Transactions can be printed from Bluetooth mobile printers, local USB or network printers and can emails transactions to customers for mobile buyers.  At only $198/month for 5 workstations recyclers can manage inventory, employees, and customers and view back office inventory and reports (BOSS Reports) from any web browser.

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If you're looking for the most rugged, durable yet ultimately affordable Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 protection, you found it in the Drop Tech Series Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Case. Shock absorption, drop protection, extreme ruggedness and hard-core readiness for all adventures, the Drop Tech Series Samsung Galaxy Case specifically conforms to the shape of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and offers multiple layers of protection. This transformer case features a unique, snap-on integrated screen for maximum protection. 



    • Complete security for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, including screen and port covers*
    • Dual material construction for multiple layers of shock absorption
    • Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners
    • Includes integrated screen cover for protection during use
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Metal Theft Prevention Act of 2013

Up to $10,000 and or up to 10 years in prison for violation of this propossed Federal Recycling Law


.394 -- Metal Theft Prevention Act of 2013 (Introduced in Senate - IS)

S 394 IS

1st Session


S. 394

To prohibit and deter the theft of metal, and for other purposes.


February 27, 2013

Ms. KLOBUCHAR (for herself, Mr. GRAHAM, Mr. SCHUMER, and Mr. HOEVEN) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary



To prohibit and deter the theft of metal, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the `Metal Theft Prevention Act of 2013'.


    In this Act--
      (1) the term `critical infrastructure' has the meaning given the term in section 1016(e) of the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001 (42 U.S.C. 5195c(e));
      (2) the term `specified metal' means metal that--
      (A)(i) is marked with the name, logo, or initials of a city, county, State, or Federal government entity, a railroad, an electric, gas, or water company, a telephone company, a cable company, a retail establishment, or a public utility; or
      (ii) has been altered in such a manner that a recycling agent would have a reasonable basis to believe that such alteration was made for the purpose of removing, concealing, or obliterating a name, logo, or initials described in clause (i) through burning or cutting of wire sheathing or other means; or
      (B) is part of--
      (i) a street light pole or fixture;
      (ii) a road or bridge guard rail;
      (iii) a highway or street sign;
      (iv) a water meter cover;
      (v) a storm water grate;
      (vi) unused or undamaged building construction or utility material;
      (vii) a historical marker;
      (viii) a grave marker or cemetery urn;
      (ix) a utility access cover; or
      (x) a container used to transport or store beer with a capacity of 7.75 gallons or more;
      (C) is a wire or cable commonly used by communications and electrical utilities; or
      (D) is copper, aluminum, and other metal (including any metal combined with other materials) that is valuable for recycling or reuse as raw metal, except for aluminum cans; and
      (3) the term `recycling agent' means any person engaged in the business of purchasing specified metal for reuse or recycling, without regard to whether that person is engaged in the business of recycling or otherwise processing the purchased specified metal for reuse.


    (a) Offense- It shall be unlawful to steal specified metal--
      (1) being used in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce; and
      (2) the theft of which harms critical infrastructure, including metal used as part of an electrical substation, power line, cellular tower, telephone land line, highway equipment and facilities, railroad equipment and facilities, water well, reservoir, or sewage line.
    (b) Penalty- Any person who commits an offense described in subsection (a) shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.


    (a) Offenses-
      (1) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in paragraph (2), it shall be unlawful for a recycling agent to purchase specified metal described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of section 2(2), unless--
      (A) the seller, at the time of the transaction, provides documentation of ownership of, or other proof of the authority of the seller to sell, the specified metal; and
      (B) there is a reasonable basis to believe that the documentation or other proof of authority provided under subparagraph (A) is valid.
      (2) EXCEPTION- Paragraph (1) shall not apply to a recycling agent that is subject to a State or local law that sets forth a requirement on recycling agents to obtain documentation of ownership or proof of authority to sell specified metal before purchasing specified metal.
      (3) RESPONSIBILITY OF RECYCLING AGENT- A recycling agent is not required to independently verify the validity of the documentation or other proof of authority described in paragraph (1).
      (4) PURCHASE OF STOLEN METAL- It shall be unlawful for a recycling agent to purchase any specified metal that the recycling agent knows, or has a reasonable basis to believe, to be stolen.
    (b) Civil Penalty- A person who knowingly violates subsection (a) shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 for each violation.


    (a) Recording Requirements-
      (1) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in paragraph (2), a recycling agent shall maintain a written or electronic record of each purchase of specified metal.
      (2) EXCEPTION- Paragraph (1) shall not apply to a recycling agent that is subject to a State or local law that sets forth recording requirements that are substantially similar to the requirements described in paragraph (3) for the purchase of specified metal.
      (3) CONTENTS- A record under paragraph (1) shall include--
      (A) the name and address of the recycling agent; and
      (B) for each purchase of specified metal--
      (i) the date of the transaction;
      (ii) a description of the specified metal purchased using widely used and accepted industry terminology;
      (iii) the amount paid by the recycling agent;
      (iv) the name and address of the person to which the payment was made;
      (v) the name of the person delivering the specified metal to the recycling agent, including a distinctive number from a Federal or State government-issued photo identification card and a description of the type of the identification; and
      (vi) the license plate number and State-of-issue, make, and model, if available, of the vehicle used to deliver the specified metal to the recycling agent.
      (4) REPEAT SELLERS- A recycling agent may comply with the requirements of this subsection with respect to a purchase of specified metal from a person from which the recycling agent has previously purchased specified metal by--
      (A) reference to the existing record relating to the seller; and
      (B) recording any information for the transaction that is different from the record relating to the previous purchase from that person.
      (5) RECORD RETENTION PERIOD- A recycling agent shall maintain any record required under this subsection for not less than 2 years after the date of the transaction to which the record relates.
      (A) RECYCLING AGENTS- A recycling agent cannot be required to provide any information collected or retained under this subsection to any person other than a law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the recycling agent, unless acting pursuant to a court order.
      (B) OTHER PERSONS- Any person other than a recycling agent who receives information collected or retained under this subsection from a recycling agent may not provide such information to any person other than a law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the recycling agent, unless acting pursuant to a court order.
    (b) Purchases in Excess of $100-
      (1) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in paragraph (2), a recycling agent may not pay cash for a single purchase of specified metal of more than $100. For purposes of this paragraph, more than 1 purchase in any 48-hour period from the same seller shall be considered to be a single purchase.
      (2) EXCEPTION- Paragraph (1) shall not apply to a recycling agent that is subject to a State or local law that sets forth a maximum amount for cash payments for the purchase of specified metal.
      (A) OCCASIONAL SELLERS- Except as provided in subparagraph (B), for any purchase of specified metal of more than $100 a recycling agent shall make payment by check that--
      (i) is payable to the seller; and
      (ii) includes the name and address of the seller.
      (B) ESTABLISHED COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS- A recycling agent may make payments for a purchase of specified metal of more than $100 from a governmental or commercial supplier of specified metal with which the recycling agent has an established commercial relationship by electronic funds transfer or other established commercial transaction payment method through a commercial bank if the recycling agent maintains a written record of the payment that identifies the seller, the amount paid, and the date of the purchase.
    (c) Civil Penalty- A person who knowingly violates subsection (a) or (b) shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 for each violation.


    The Attorney General may bring an enforcement action in an appropriate United States district court against any person that engages in conduct that violates this Act.


    (a) In General- An attorney general or equivalent regulator of a State may bring a civil action in the name of the State, as parens patriae on behalf of natural persons residing in the State, in any district court of the United States or other competent court having jurisdiction over the defendant, to secure monetary or equitable relief for a violation of this Act.
    (b) Notice Required- Not later than 30 days before the date on which an action under subsection (a) is filed, the attorney general or equivalent regulator of the State involved shall provide to the Attorney General--
      (1) written notice of the action; and
      (2) a copy of the complaint for the action.
    (c) Attorney General Action- Upon receiving notice under subsection (b), the Attorney General shall have the right--
      (1) to intervene in the action;
      (2) upon so intervening, to be heard on all matters arising therein;
      (3) to remove the action to an appropriate district court of the United States; and
      (4) to file petitions for appeal.
    (d) Pending Federal Proceedings- If a civil action has been instituted by the Attorney General for a violation of this Act, no State may, during the pendency of the action instituted by the Attorney General, institute a civil action under this Act against any defendant named in the complaint in the civil action for any violation alleged in the complaint.
    (e) Construction- For purposes of bringing a civil action under subsection (a), nothing in this section regarding notification shall be construed to prevent the attorney general or equivalent regulator of the State from exercising any powers conferred under the laws of that State to--
      (1) conduct investigations;
      (2) administer oaths or affirmations; or
      (3) compel the attendance of witnesses or the production of documentary and other evidence.


    (a) In General- Pursuant to its authority under section 994 of title 28, United States Code, and in accordance with this section, the United States Sentencing Commission, shall review and, if appropriate, amend the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and policy statements applicable to a person convicted of a criminal violation of section 3 of this Act or any other Federal criminal law based on the theft of specified metal by such person.
    (b) Considerations- In carrying out this section, the Sentencing Commission shall--
      (1) ensure that the sentencing guidelines and policy statements reflect the--
      (A) serious nature of the theft of specified metal; and
      (B) need for an effective deterrent and appropriate punishment to prevent such theft;
      (2) consider the extent to which the guidelines and policy statements appropriately account for--
      (A) the potential and actual harm to the public from the offense, including any damage to critical infrastructure;
      (B) the amount of loss, or the costs associated with replacement or repair, attributable to the offense;
      (C) the level of sophistication and planning involved in the offense; and
      (D) whether the offense was intended to or had the effect of creating a threat to public health or safety, injury to another person, or death;
      (3) account for any additional aggravating or mitigating circumstances that may justify exceptions to the generally applicable sentencing ranges;
      (4) assure reasonable consistency with other relevant directives and with other sentencing guidelines and policy statements; and
      (5) assure that the sentencing guidelines and policy statements adequately meet the purposes of sentencing as set forth in section 3553(a)(2) of title 18, United States Code.


    Nothing in this Act shall be construed to preempt any State or local law regulating the sale or purchase of specified metal.


      This Act shall take effect 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act.
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PopScrap goes HD (Heavy Duty)

PopScrap goes HD, offering touch screen interfaces that have been desiged for large touch screen devices, tested and tried on 3" to 55" touch screens, PopScrap HD is truly a remarkable breakthough game changing product for scrap yards and recycling faclities worldwide. 

While most users are using 7" to 22" touch screens the user interface offers the industries largest buttons for ease of use and a quick learning curve.

HD Ticket

In order for a scrap yard or recycling facility to be in compliance with state and local laws PopScrap offers the industries most rugged and reliable integration between the software and the cameras, ID scanners, fingerprint capture devices, electronic signature devices and cash dispensing machines with full integration into your QuickBooks accounting system.  

Complete integration bewteen hardware and software is a standard minimum requirement in todays scrap industry. PopScrap's adavanced technology has created the most reliable system in the industry with the lowest prices.  Competitors are scrambling to compete with PopScraps 100% turn key approach. 

FUTURING PROOFING your business is must. PopScrap offers the only month-to-month licensing model in the industry that GUARANTEES 100% COMPLIANT TICKETS regardless of the state or country that your business is located.

While all of our competitors offer software only packages starting around $10,000 they can go as high as $100,000, then you must add in the cost hardware and the cost install and training package which will raise your overall cost to an average of $35,000-$55,000.

PopScrap is the only provider in the scrap and recycling industry that offers complete compliance packages with hardware, software, install and training for under $10,000.

This price is astounding considering the amount of hardware and training that is included in each package.  The in-depth training and install package is a great value and offers yards the ability to be in compliance in less than a couple of hours.

Another major difference in PopScrap packages verses its competitors packages is every package comes fully loaded with all of the software features needed for compliance, for inventory tracking, for shipping and creating BOL's with unlimited Back Office users (BOSS).

PopScrap offers the industries only web based management system for 24/7 access world wide from any internet connected device that is paired with a Android app for ticket creation.


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Unbelievable? Finally Rugged ScrapTabs

DURABILITY MIL-STD-810G, 4-foot drop and all-weather IP65 dust and water resistant design
HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE Android™ tablet with hardware encryption and embedded, enterprise-grade security and management - Dual-core 1.2Ghz processor
DISPLAY 10.1–inch, daylight-readable multi touch + digitizer
SECURITY FIPS140-2-(Level 2) compliant for impenetrable protection
INTERFACE AND EXPANSION MicroSD card slot; Micro-USB and Micro HDMI ports
WIRELESS Dedicated GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optional 4G LTE
WARRANTY 3-year warranty with business-class support
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Dust, Shock and Water Resistant Tablet Coming Soon to a Scrap Yard near you!

MWC 2013: Fujitsu Unveils Stylistic M702 Tablet, Resilient to Dust, Shocks and Water

Written by  

One of the companies present at MWC 2013 in Barcelona was Fujitsu, who unveiled the Stylistic M702 slate, one that’s destined for engineers and construction site workers, exposed to contact with water and rough shocks. The device is resilient to such types of stress.


It’s oriented towards the business area and work in the field. The device can be used in rough terrain and wet areas, where notebooks and tablets are damaged by water or dust usually. Fujitsu Stylistic M702 weighs 590 grams, runs Android and it’s also resilient to scratches. The device offers 4G and WiFi connectivity, as well as NFC and the slate has some special security features, like fingerprint sensor, hard disk encryption and tracking and recovery of data from the distance.

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