When it comes to pricing out the software, many times it feels like somebody grabbed a number out of thin air. We’ve put careful research and time into calculating our costs – it’s important to us that you’re getting the value and features you need and deserve, and that we are able to exceed your expectations in providing that value. Our goal isn’t to be the cheapest solution available, we have honest fair market pricing for the services we provide, and the client base and testimonials worldwide to back it up.

Our pricing has 3 main components: The Software License fee, the Hardware Package and Training.


Simple - Affordable - Robust 

Starting at $3,000 

  • FREE software updates
  • FREE software support
  • FREE Online Training (4 sessions)
  • FREE Online Install Support (2 sessions)
    Base software includes compliance features for all 50 states
    Limited version of WeighPay Online (Back Office)
    Install WeighPay on up to 5 devices



  • Gain access to millions of dollars of leased servers professionally managed
  • Data hosted on mulitple servers with auto back-up, mirrored servers, SQL
  • Save money on SQL licensing, Server hardware costs, IT maintenance fees
  • Pay $500/mo for cloud hosting on up to 5 PC / devices
    Save $200/mo with a 36 month contract


  • $15,000 one time fee 
  • Includes MS-SQL Software
  • Includes DELL Server (PC)
  • Pre-installed prior to shipping
  • Annual server support costs not included


  • Add $50/mo per workstation (covers 1 PC, 2 Printers, 2 Scanners, 2 Cameras, 2 Scales, 1 network)
  • Add $200/mo for ATM software service contract
  • Add $200/mo for one (1) on-premise server maintenance contract


  • AP/AR | Inventory | Shipping | Price Sheets
  • Quick Books Integration
  • ATM Cash | Coin Integration
  • SMS Text Message Marketing Starting
  • Travel/Install Packages Starting

Our Sweet Spot

Bottle Beverage Recyclers | Scrap Metal Companies | Outdoor Supply Companies

Other industries Served
Garden Centers, Industrial Supply Yards, Seafood Companies, Aggregate Recyclers, Waste Transfer Stations

100% Guaranteed Compliance

- CRV Buy Back Centers in California
- Scrap Metal Yards in all 50 States
- Seafood Dealers & Fisheries in Maine


  • Create Point of Purchase tickets for any Material or Product
  • Create Point of Sale tickets any Material or Product
  • Create Invoices and AR Bills
  • Integrated Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Incoming & Outgoing Inventory with Regrade Features
  • Formula Pricing with Price Sheets
  • Integrated SMS Text Message Marketing
  • Inventory Barcoded Packaging
  • Shipping and Packing Slips
  • Online Reporting in real time
  • Time Cards
  • Scale Indicator Integration
  • Drivers License Scanner Integration
  • Fingerprint Scanner Integration
  • Electronic Signature Pad Integration
  • Web and Network Camera Integration
  • ATM and Cash / Coin Dispenser Integration
  • Auto Write Checks with Check Register
  • Auto Connect Locations Worldwide
  • Cloud and Local Server Hosting
  • Full Integration with QuickBooks
  • Run Tickets in English or Spanish
  • Full Cash Drawer Management
  • Manage Shrinkage and Bonuses
  • CA CEW E-Waste Compliance Reporting
  • Auto Uploads for Leads-Online, BWI, TX-DPS and more
  • Capture Vin #'s
  • Attach Documents to Tickets and AR Invoices
  • Split Payment Cash, Check, Wire, Credit Card, AR Billing, AP and Delay Pay
  • Spilt Load Feature
  • Take Product, Customer, Vehicle, Plate and ID Images


CLOUD HOSTING: Unlimited data and images on our leased server infrastructure with auto failover, redundancy, guaranteed 99.99% uptime.  Local installed software with cloud storage. Never put your data at risk.

SOFTWARE UPDATES: WeighPay Solutions has an in-house development team that owns the company and the products. This means real-time compliance updates are released as laws are changed, custom reports are designed and released within days and love and care go into every update to ensure a seamless 1st class experience. WPS releases 1-4 updates monthly.  

  • Software updates are releases on a as-needed basis, with an average of 12 per year. 
  • Request for Modifications (RFM), since many of your ideas are what built our software, we then co-developed at no cost to the company requesting the feature.
  • WPS GUARANTEES COMPLIANCE, if the compliance law is reported 30 days prior to the law going into effect.
  • Fees: update fees are normally included in the hosting fees. Upgrade fees are not included.

HARDWARE SUPPORT: after spending countless hours in R&D testing we provide the newest and most dependable hardware, guaranteed to provide "best-made" equipment for your specific business needs.  

  • We provide full install and setup support at your location or over the internet to insure you get the best software experience possible.
  • We offer dust and water proof hardware designed to meet the long term needs of your industrial weight based business.
  • From touch screen monitors, all-in-one PC's, printers, ID scanners, fingerprint scanners, signature pads, cameras, cash and coin dispensers and ATM machines, we offer a "turn-key" approach ensuring a seamless experience from day one.
  • We also provide annual maintenance contracts for all hardware that we provide, making sure you always have the latest drivers and direct support from the manufacture when needed.
  • Fees: hardware support fees are based on the number of PC's, tablets, cameras, printers, and accessory devices.


BestMade Solutions




  • Standard Package includes: 1 Cashier Compliance Station Package and 1 Floor Scale Workstation Package

  • Industrial Hardware Packages starting at $14,995 (IP66 Stainless Steel, Water/Dust Proof)

  • Full tech support during install and throughout the warranty period

  • Hardware can be installed remotely online and or we can send a tech to install at your location/s.

Starting as low as $5,000

Cashier Station: 12" Tablet | Printer | ID Scanner | Sig Pad | Fingerprint | Case of Paper | Web Camera

Floor Scale: 10" Tablet | Wireless BT Printer





Remote |  Online | Instant


All packages include: 4 1 hour online training sessions and 1 remote install session

OPTIONAL: Travel Packages start at $5000 for onsite install and training in the USA 


CLOUD: WeighPay Solutions continues to be the #1 cloud based software provider for most weight based industries worldwide.  

  • The most advanced cloud servers in the world offering the best security and protection money can buy.  
  • Utilizing the largest and most secure server banks in the world to host your data in real-time.
  • Real-time auto back-up and 24/7 redundancy, 99.99% up-time.  
  • Shared access to millions of dollars of server equipment
  • Fees: the hosting fees are based on the average number of transactions per month for your business.

ON PREMISE: WeighPay offers on-premise server solutions for companies that want to host their data and images locally.  We sell top line servers with hot swap hard drives with auto failover features.

  • While on-premise servers only have an average of a 5 year life span and can be costly to maintain and replace which is why we offer top of the line cloud options and recommend cloud over on-premise.
  • This option should only be considered by larger companies with an annual revenue of $10mm or more.
  • Fees: hardware costs + maintenance fees and technical support fees are based on the number of servers used.

What is included in our monthly services?

Hosting. Updates. Support.
First and foremost we are a compliance based software company, so we offer cloud hosting at several Godaddy server banks to secure your compliance images and customer ticket data and offer 24/7 access via BOSS. Program Updates, with scrap laws constantly evolving and changing we include program updates to guarantee your state compliance ongoing. Tech Support, due to the advanced integration between software and hardware, chat support is included via our online chat desk Monday-Friday.


What is our refund policy?

We offer a 30 day 100% Compliance Guarantee, if the scrap laws change we guarantee your compliance within 30 days or your money back.  We offer no refunds for software licenses or services outside of the compliance guarantee.  Hardware refunds are not available once the hardware has been opened and connected to your software. Standard manufacturer's warranties are transferred.


What payments methods do we accept?

We accept ACH auto bank checking account payments for license fees and monthly payments. We accept all forms of credit card and debit cards and charge an administration surcharge for all credit card transactions and cash payments.

What delivery options do we offer?

All software is downloaded via our back office online or available at the Google Play Store for instant over the air downloads at no charge. Online installs and training are included in your one time license fees. For additional fees we offer onsite install assistance, showing you where to mount your cameras and computers. Onsite training packages are available and are not included in your license fees or monthly fees.


What support options are available?

Live Online Chat Support is available 5AM to 3PM Pacific Standard Time Monday thru Friday on our Support page. (8AM to 6PM EST) Emergency support is available via email at for after hours and weekend assistance.


What additional services are available?

Scrap yard consulting services. This service includes material and customer traffic flow studies in relation to software usage and camera placement. Pre-sales consulting and inspections are available upon request anywhere in the world. PopScrap offers additional cash security management services, security camera services,  and compliance monitoring services. Brokering services for all metals and bottle beverage types.