When it comes to pricing out the software, many times it feels like somebody grabbed a number out of thin air. We’ve put careful research and time into calculating our costs – it’s important to us that you’re getting the value and features you need and deserve, and that we are able to exceed your expectations in providing that value. Our goal isn’t to be the cheapest solution available, we have honest fair market pricing for the services we provide, and the client base and testimonials worldwide to back it up.

Our pricing has 3 main components: The Software License fee, the Hardware Package and Training.



  1. $100/mo WeighPay Online software only plan, use any device to log into and start buying metals today. 
    Using mobile devices you can capture compliance images and signatures. This plan includes a single user license. See options below.
  2. $200/moWeighPay Mobile software only plan, use any Android device and its on-board cameras to create fully compliant tickets.
    This plan includes a single user license. See options below.
  3. $500/moWeighPay Pro software only plan, This license includes 3 workstations (mobile or desktop) with the full version of the software.
    Price does not include a text message marketing plan. Unlimited users for both buying and selling includes integration for Quick Books.
  4. $1000/mo, WeighPay Pro software and hardware rental plan. This license includes the full version of the software and full state compliance hardware for 2 workstations.
    We provide one (1) Cashier Station/Truck Scale and one (1) floor scale station hardware package. After 12 months of on time payments the hardware is yours to keep and the monthly payment drops to maintenance fee of $500/mo. Training and install assistance are provided online.

Tech support is provided for each rental plan, includes online chat support.

Software Options

Rental Plans are designed for start up companies up to 5 years with less than 25-30 tickets per day.
For companies that complete more than 30+ tickets per day then you will need a standard license for more compliance automation and unlimited ticket and image storage. 

Add users/devices/ workstations for $50/mo.

Additional add-ons that can be purchased: Time Cards, Inventory Packaging, Price Sheets, Re-Grading, Incoming and Outgoing Inventory, Shipping BOL's, Packing Slips, Accounts Payable with many to one, Account Receivable with many to one, AR aging, Text Message Marketing. 


  • Online (cloud) or Offline (local) Hosting
  • Intantly Connects Locations
  • Integrated Payment CC Processing (EMV/PCI)
  • Integrated Accounting (AR/AP)
  • Integrated SMS Text Messaging Marketing
  • Real-Time QuickBooks Connection
  • Windows/Android Installed Apps
  • Local Servers or Cloud Servers
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Real-Time Online Chat Support
  • Extensive YouTube Video Training
  • Onsite or Online Install Support
  • Integrated ATM and Cash Dispensers
  • Turn-Key Hardware Packages  

*Start up costs start at $3000 and go up depending on the number of scale stations (seats), training options (onsite or online), install options, number of locations, hardware and features. 




When the internet goes down you can keep running tickets when the internet returns everything syncs back up to your online back office.

A true enterprise offering for medium to larger size companies.

  • Full version of the software, front end and back end.
  • Full integration with your accounting package.
  • Includes 10,000 SMS Text Messages per month. 
  • Thru the wall 6 cassette ATM machine from ACRA.
  • Includes onsite server hardware with private cloud access (mirrored, redundancy auto-fail-over).
  • Hardware included: package includes server with SQL licenses, one cashier station and one floor scale station.
  • Unlimited onsite/offsite workstation licenses and users (seats)

Annual Maintenance Fees are 15% of total purchase price and include full IT support for hardware, software and your network.

YOU'RE APPROVED: 0% interest in-house financing with 30% down, 20% discounts for upfront cash payment.



  • Use WP Online, WP Mobile and WP Pro on Phones, Tablets and PC's with an internet connection.
  • All images and data are stored in real time in our online WP Online (back office).
  • Connect your mobile devices and PC's using the internet as your network.
  • Connect all of your locations together for combined or segregated reporting.
  • Powerful online reporting engine for both POS and POP companies. 
  • Gain access to a series of mirrored servers worth millions of dollars at the largest server banks in the world.
  • Data hosted on mulitple servers with auto back-up, mirrored servers, using MS-SQL.
  • Save money on SQL licensing, Server hardware costs, IT maintenance fees.


  • One time fee set up fee required 
  • Offline, NO Internet Required
  • Includes On-Premise Server (MS-SQL)
  • Pre-installed prior to shipping
  • Annual server support costs are extra


  • No Internet No Problem
  • Local Server and Cloud Server Mirrored 
  • One time fee set up fee required 
  • Includes MS-SQL Software
  • Includes Server (PC) - On-Premise
  • Includes Server (dedicated) - Cloud Server (mirrored)
  • Pre-installed prior to shipping
  • Annual server support costs not included



  • AP/AR | Inventory | Shipping | Price Sheets
  • Quick Books Integration
  • ATM Cash | Coin Integration
  • SMS Text Message Marketing Starting
  • Onsite Travel/Install Packages Available



Cashier Station: 22" Touch Screen PC | 3" Thermal Printer | ID Scanner | Sig Pad | Fingerprint | Case of Paper | Web Camera

Floor Scale: 10" Tablet | Wireless BT Printer | Network Scale Connectivity

Includes Online Install Assistance


Cashier Station: Stainless Steel IP66 rated waterproof, dustproof 22" Touch Screen PC

3" Thermal Printer | ID Scanner | Sig Pad | Fingerprint | Case of Paper | Web Camera

Floor Scale: 10" Industrial Dust Proof Drop Proof Military Grade Tablet Case

Wireless BT Printer | Network Scale Connectivity

Includes Online Install Assistance



Training can begin once the hardware is connected and tested.

STEP 1: watch Youtube Training Video #1 
Setting up your database, products, groups, prices, customers, price sheets, regrading, inventory etc.

STEP 2: watch Youtube Training Video #2
Create scale tickets, create shrinkage, create bonuses/coupons, adding customers, vehicles, etc.

STEP 3: watch Youtube Traning Video #3 
Learn the back office, set up users, devices, email alerts, reporting, state reporting, inventory management.

STEP 4: using integrated accounting features
Setting up Quick Books integration, check register, AP Summaries and AR billing


Travel Packages are customized for onsite install and training in the USA

Includes airfare, hotel, rental car and labor for 3 days onsite. 

Full Video training libarary, makes it easy to train new staff.

What is included in our monthly services?

Hosting. Updates. Support.
First and foremost we are a compliance based software company, so we offer cloud hosting at several Godaddy server banks to secure your compliance images and customer ticket data and offer 24/7 access via BOSS. Program Updates, with scrap laws constantly evolving and changing we include program updates to guarantee your state compliance ongoing. Tech Support, due to the advanced integration between software and hardware, chat support is included via our online chat desk Monday-Friday.


What is our refund policy?

We offer a 30 day 100% Compliance Guarantee, if the scrap laws change we guarantee your compliance within 30 days or your money back.  We offer no refunds for software licenses or services outside of the compliance guarantee.  Hardware refunds are not available once the hardware has been opened and connected to your software. Standard manufacturer's warranties are transferred.


What payments methods do we accept?

We accept ACH auto bank checking account payments for license fees and monthly payments. We accept all forms of credit card and debit cards and charge an administration surcharge for all credit card transactions and cash payments.

What delivery options do we offer?

All software is downloaded via our back office online or available at the Google Play Store for instant over the air downloads at no charge. Online installs and training are included in your one time license fees. For additional fees we offer onsite install assistance, showing you where to mount your cameras and computers. Onsite training packages are available and are not included in your license fees or monthly fees.


What support options are available?

Live Online Chat Support is available 5AM to 3PM Pacific Standard Time Monday thru Friday on our Support page. (8AM to 6PM EST) Emergency support is available via email at for after hours and weekend assistance.


What additional services are available?

Scrap yard consulting services. This service includes material and customer traffic flow studies in relation to software usage and camera placement. Pre-sales consulting and inspections are available upon request anywhere in the world. PopScrap offers additional cash security management services, security camera services,  and compliance monitoring services. Brokering services for all metals and bottle beverage types.