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PopScrap offers two different internet based scale ticketing software solutions with cloudware hosting.  A internet based solution eliminates installs and allows for instant management of scale tickets regardless of the device. 

1. BOSS LITE is an online cash based scale ticketing software solution for simple cash based scale transactions with no compliance imaging.

  • BOSS LITE is a simple tool for scrap yards who do not need compliance images but still want to track thier purchases and see average price paid. 
  • BOSS LITE offers full online reporting and can be used on any device connected to the internet.  
  • BOSS LITE also offers full California CRV compliance for bottle beverage buyers.
  • For full scrap metal state compliance software please see PopScrap Lite, PopScrap Pro and BOSS PRO

2. BOSS PRO is primarily for business-to-business commercial buyers that do not buy from the public.

BOSS PRO offers a full commercial selling solution with the ability to create compliance based scale tickets with images, pay by Cash, Check or Accounts Payable (AP) and manage your full inventory positioning with Auto or Manual ReGrade's, BOL's shipping reports, Accounts Receivable Invoicing (AR) with full P&L reporting, a full B2B solution.

BOSS PRO is a new approach to the scrap metal recycling industry, no installs, no downloading, use on any internet connected device instantly.

BOSS PRO can be used to run unlimited locations around the globe and in any currency and language. BOSS PRO also reduces the device and network barriers that have plagued the server based software solutions for all too long, bringing real time visibility for brokers and feeder yards.

BOSS LITE - Access from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

BOSS LITE is an easy to use scale ticketing software solution that allows users from anywhere in the world to use any phone, tablet, Mac or PC to start and print simple tickets on any printer including the speedy Star WebPRNT LAN or BT printers. Capturing gross, tare and net weights and with full online reporting can be done in seconds with the fastest keyboard or touch screen interface created in the scrap industry.

For California CRV CZ recycling centers, our BOSS LITE online ticketing solution allows users to meet full CalRecycle compliance laws from any internet device and print to any printer type.

With BOSS LITE as your scale solution, you can start out at with one low monthly fee based on the number of devices, create unlimited scale tickets, and then grow your licensing as users and locations are added.

You can also upgrade your license at any time from BOSS LITE to POPSCRAP LITE, BOSS PRO or POPSCRAP PRO without the need to start over, our software grows as your company grows. Finally, a true scrap software suite that expands with your business.

BOSS PRO - Access from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

BOSS PRO Online software can be accessed from any internet connected browser and offers a robust commercial scrap metal buying and selling management solution with real time inventory tracking from anywhere in the world.

  • Users can add images using any mobile device for materials, bins, pallets, containers, shipping tags etc.
  • Easily keep track of customers, customer images if needed, and buy and sell using CRM full business to business functionality.
  • Create purchase tickets, reGrading tickets, transfer inventory between locations, track average price paid, formula custom prices for each business, full email and contact management tools built in with Facebook and Twitter posting.
  • Track WIP (work in progress) from incoming inventory to upgrading and separating loads of material to combining inventories from different companies into the same containers and tracking alloys percentages.
  • Built in Ticket-Tracker allows management to track the full transaction history from “cradle-to-grave” of every step from buying to selling materials. Track the user, time, date, weight with full images.
  • Price History, track the user and the history of your price changes, this allows you to back track and look at market trends based on your price changes to each specific material.
  • Detailed shipping reports with packing slips, reconcile and reduce inventory.
  • Full Accounts Payable features include the ability to attach unlimited purchase tickets to a single AP Summary and make a single payment for unlimited incoming tickets.
  • Full Accounts Receivable features include the ability to attach unlimited shipping reports (sales) onto an AP Invoice and track payments from your buyers.
  • Complete Profit and Loss reports with individual sales cycles for each material.
  • Full material reports with average price paid.

If you need more information about our browser based scrap software, or any other products by PopScrap, please contact our sales and support specialists at 888-440-8858 or contact us online. We serve clients throughout the United States and Internationally.

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Authored by Stacy Duty