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Mobility. Visibility. Affordability.

1. Mobility

PopScrap recycling software and solutions offers a powerful new approach to the scrap and recycling industry.  
PopScrap offers two (2) programs for one (1) price, an Android or Windows App that is paired with an online program called B.O.S.S. (Back Office Support Software).
  Ticket data can be collected on smartphones, tablets and or Windows computers while all of the data is instantly available in BOSS from any internet connection in the world.  BOSS allows managers to control pricing, materials, inventory and shipping.

To learn more about how PopScrap recycling software can help you improve efficiencies and manage compliance for your scrap yard and recycling business, contact us by filling out our online form or call 888-440-8858Try PopScrap FREE by clicking HERE

2.  Visibility

PopScrap software offers an online management system (BOSS) to manage all of your ticketing devices.  A powerful new feature is "Live Snapshot" that gives users instant visibility to all of your pertinent business data up to the second on a ticket by ticket basis.  
Live Snapshot offers instant visibility for all of your locations from any internet connected device without the expense of installing servers at every yard.  This offers an average savings of $6000 per yard.
  Real-Time data that is easy to access 24/7 for unlimited locations at no additional cost.

3.  Affordability

PopScrap technology allows our users to use the highest quality hardware at the lowest prices.  By using a combination of USB and Network communication techniques users can access all hardware from any device thereby reducing redundancy of hardware components while allowing maximum flexibility with wireless technology.
  A significant cost savings is realized by each PopScrap customer when you purchase your system PopScrap includes in the one-time start-up you’re your account set up, complete online install in less than 30 minutes of all devices and detailed employee training for each user role.
  PopScrap charges a monthly hosting and support fee to cover database hosting, unlimited database storage, program updates and repairs and unlimited technical support and ongoing training. Click to See our Simple Pricing page.

PopScrap has a broad range of scrap yard and recycling software management products and services to meet any need and budget:

Mobile Compliance

Yard Compliance

Online Back Office (BOSS)


4.  Choose Right, Choose Smart, Choose PopScrap!

Automatic installs under 15 minutes and easy training is the hallmarks of PopScrap.  Due to its quick learning curve and easy downloads; companies can be operational in the matter of minutes, not days and weeks.  With Companies using the software daily from all over the world, PopScrap is a proven easy to use software solution that is extremely affordable.
  With the affordability and powerful features of Android mobile devices paired with standard Window touch enabled devices PopScrap has positioned itself to become the leader in recycling software for scrapyards, California's bottle beverage recyclers, Hawaii's HI5 recyclers, and Recycling Centers that have mobile buyers and need to operate in multiple languages. 

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PopScrap serves the needs of many types of second hand dealers like you.  To learn more about out recycling software solutions, or speak directly with a compliance consultant today, fill out our online form or call us at 888-440-8858


Authored by Stacy Duty

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