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PopScrap was launched in 2011 and  is a U.S. based software provider to the international scrap, waste and recycling industry with a special emphasis on providing affordable software and hardware solutions in many of the most popular platforms including Windows, Android, Apple, iPhone and iPad.

As the President of PopScrap.com Inc., I bring over 10 years of industry specific experience selling and installing software in the scrap and recycling industry.  I have personally installed over 500 scrap yards from New Zealand to New York.  I rolled out from conception to production 2 of my competitors flagship software products making PopScrap.com my 3rd major release in the recycling industry.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best software companies in the market place today.  After listening to hundreds of scrap yard owners from all over the world we created the FUTURE of scrap software that is light years ahead of the competition.

In early 2011, I co-founded the company with Mihailo Petrovic, a senior programmer in Belgrade, Serbia. We brought on three partners in later 2011, all three are senior programmers Drasko Rozgic, Ljubomir Barjaktarevic and Sladjana Rozgic. Together we make up the core team of PopScrap.com Inc.

We knew getting into the cloud was paramount to the future of data collection world wide, we also knew that to collect the massive amount of compliance related data and images would be a daunting task.  We have relied heavily on our GoDaddy server infrastructure to host one of the industries most comprehensive and secure software solutions to date.  

By pairing an Android app "Weigh & Pay" users use our app on smartphones, tablets and Windows PC's to collect scale data and cashier booth information on scale tickets and instantly upload this to our internet based back office "BOSS Online". From BOSS users can manage customers, formula price sheets, inventory both unprepared and prepared, shipping, accounts payable and accounts receivable. A complete back office experience online.

We had three main goals:

1. To offer the first global cloud based recycling software solution.

2. To create the fastest and most secure online management system with 99.99% up-time.

3. To offer the fastest friendliest online chat support experience.

Mr. Stacy L. Duty

President & CEO

1-760-500-7318 (feel free to call me personally anytime) 

Safe.  Secure.  Retrieve Your Data from Anywhere

The core of PopScrap is the fact that the data collection part of the program is built in the Android operating system that is paired with the online web management system. These two core elements combined with several proprietary programs allows compliance data to be collected locally, stored in the cloud and retrieved in millaseconds from anywhere in the world.

PopScrap has been tested all over the world and operates at the same lightening speeds anywhere an internet connection exists.

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PopScrap is at the Forefront in Technology Trends for the Scrap and Recycling Industry

In 2013, PopScrap will meet several major internal milestones that will only strengthen our core objectives as we grow into the most popular software in the industry. The ability to operate on or off the internet and then instantly sync back to the cloud without any interuption in services to the client is our objective in the first quarter. The second objective is to fully embrace the POS side of our buy-sell program to open new markets all over the world. The third and final major objective is finish the translations into every language available allowing PopScrap to be a true global product in every market.

At the end of the day its the logic of the programmers and the genious of the user interface that will excel PopScap to new heights.

The single largest element of building a successful software company is the owners. Do they care, do they listen and do they respond.

Ask Our Customers

Our customers have the answers to these questions. Ask them, listen to them, they will tell you the truth. References provided upon request.

The testimonial feedback we receive every day is paramount to our future success. Most if not all of our new features are ideas generated by our customer base.  Your company can play a significant role in the longevity and overall profitablity of PopScrap. Join us as we create the future of recycling software.

 Multiple Languages

Online Data Visibility in Real Time from anywhere in the world

Mobile Application runs on Android and Windows 7 Machines

First of it's kind compliance monitoring services

PopScrap Responds to Global Demand

PopScrap Co-Founder Stacy Duty has spent the last several years listening and responding to the needs of the scrap and recycling industry.  As a former sales executive and support technician for two of the most popular software companies in America, our co-founder has installed and trained 100′s of recyclers throughout the United States.  During that time, Mr. Duty noticed several large opportunities for improvement in the market place for mobile scrap software and compliance monitoring services.

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Authored by Stacy Duty

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